General Knowledge – 6

1st IT University of India was? Ans: J.P.University.

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  • 1st IT University of India was? Ans: J.P.University.
  • What does TV remote control unit use to operate a TV set? Ans: Radio waves
  • With which game in Christianio Ronaldo associated? Ans: Football
  • By which committee were Mandai Panchayats recommended? Ans: Ashok Mehta Committee
  • Ultrafiltering unit of kidney is known by which name? Ans: Nephron
  • Defeating by whom Babar laid the foundation of Mughal empire in 1526? Ans: Ibrahim Lodi
  • Which instrument meant for measuring the rate of respiration? Ans: Respirometer
  • Who is the inventor of Beriberi (cause)? Ans: Eijkman
  • The present demographic transition of India is indicative of which thing? Ans: Typically increasing urbanisation
  • Old-written material, which cannot be read easily, how can be read? Ans: By infrared rays
  • The Republic of China was formed in ? Ans: 1912
  • Which are referred to as the developed economies? Ans: Countries having large per capita income
  • Factory farming is the characteristic of which region? Ans: Northwestern Europe
  • What work is work done in moving a positive charge on an equipotential surface? Ans: Zero
  • The Currency of Panama? Ans: Balboa
  • For the implantation of fertilize ova uterus secret which hormone? Ans: Estrogen
  • Who is the author of “War of Indian Independence”? Ans: Vir Savarkar
  • Which Mughal emperor prohibited the use of tobacco? Ans: Jehangir
  • Who is the author of A Farewall to Arms? Ans: Earnest Hemingway
  • Who is the only cricketer to score two successive centuries in a World Cup? Ans: Rahul Dravid
  • Who is the author of “Pramanam”? Ans: Balamani Amma
  • Who is the author of the book ‘Preparing for the Twenty first Century’? Ans: Paul Kennedy
  • Through which material does sound travel slowest? Ans: Wood
  • The Currency of Mongolia? Ans: Tugrik
  • Indian National Congress started its activities in Travancore during the reign of ? Ans: Sri Mulam Thirunal
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