General Knowledge – 14

Who is the author of “Story of My Life”? Ans: Moshe Dayan

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  • Who is the author of “Story of My Life”? Ans: Moshe Dayan
  • When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur, which charge acquired by the fur? Ans: Positive
  • First Steam Locomotive’ was invented by? Ans: Trevithick in 1800
  • Who is the author of “Akbarnama”? Ans: Abul Fazal
  • mho’ is the unit of which unit? Ans: Specificresistance
  • Who was the famous Indo-Greek king who embraced Buddhism? Ans: Menander
  • A Judge of the Supreme Court of India is to hold office until he attains the age of how many years? Ans: 65 years
  • Who discovered the laws of planetary orbits? Ans: Johannes Kepler
  • What is Broad money in India? Ans: M3
  • Who is the author of “The Pickwick Papers”? Ans: Charles Dickens
  • Which state has the largest number of salt lakes in India? Ans: Rajasthan
  • The Tombs of Egyptian Pharohs were known as ? Ans: Pyramids
  • On which do Companies pay Corporation Tax? Ans: Incomes
  • Which city is called by its natives as ‘The Big Apple’? Ans: NewYork
  • Sydney Carton Ans: Charles Dickens
  • What is the national flower of Japan? Ans: Chrysanthemum
  • Most poisonous bird and the only known poisonous bird in the world is ? Ans: The Hooded Pitohui from Papua New Guinea
  • The elements of group VA are generally known as which name? Ans: Pnicogens
  • In which year was the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) founded? Ans: 969
  • Which place was captured by Israel in the 1967 from Egypt? Ans: Gaza Strip
  • What is saliva in man? Ans: Alkaline
  • Which place receives the highest rainfalls in India? Ans: Lakkidi (Wayanad)
  • Among South Asian countries, which one has the highest level of urbanization? Ans: Bangladesh
  • Second largest gland in human body is? Ans: Pancreas
  • Who attended the Second Round Table Conference as the representative of the Congress? Ans: Gandhiji
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