General Knowledge – 1

Who was the first secretary of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee? Ans: K. Madhavan

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  • Who was the first secretary of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee? Ans: K. Madhavan
  • Which metal is extracted by thermal reduction process? Ans: Copper
  • What is the intermediate tier of the Panchayati Raj System called? Ans: Panchayat Samiti
  • To whom is the Chief Minister of a State responsible? Ans: Governor
  • Which is the longest national Highway in India? Ans: NH 7
  • Israel has common borders with which countries? Ans: Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Jordan
  • Persian Civilisation existed in? Ans: The modern Iran
  • Who is the author of “Malgudi Days”? Ans: R.K. Narayan
  • Who is the author of Diplomacy? Ans: Henry Kissinger
  • The famous Koodalmanikyam Temple at Irinjalakkuda, dedicated to Bharata was a famous? Ans: Jain temple.
  • Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research is located at? Ans: Kalpakkam.
  • Which was the first woman to climb Mount Everest? Ans: Junko Tabei
  • On which date was the State of Bombay was bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat? Ans: May 1, in the year 1960
  • Dog bite can cause rabies. Which other animal can also cause rabies? Ans: Bat
  • Which environment leads to the occurrence of acid rain? Ans: Sulphur dioxide
  • Which peninsular river is westward flowing? Ans: Tapti
  • Who is the author of “National Anthem”? Ans: Rabindranath Tagore
  • Who has scored the slowest century in the test cricket? Ans: Mudassar Nazar
  • Which pair does not contain a coinage metal? Ans: Zinc and Gold
  • Hi·Tech Crime Enquiry Cell, a special unit of the Kerala Police, began its operations on? Ans: 5th May 2006
  • What is the short upper part of the human intestine next to the stomach? Ans: Duodenum
  • The greatest development in the Kushana period was in which field? Ans: Art
  • Which was the first synthetic fibre made by man? Ans: Nylon
  • Which is an active component of oil of clove? Ans: Eugenol
  • How many number of atomic power plants existing in India today? Ans: 9
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