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General English Exam Practice – 9

Those who go on to someone else’s land without the owner’s permission

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Time and tide will not wait for anyone.[choose the one which can be substituted for the given words]
a) death
b) opportunities
c) failure
d) emergency
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One thing that is most essential (1)/ for victory (2)/ is total dedication (3)/. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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He hardly recognised me,……..?
a) did he?
b) didn't he?
c) can he?
d) won't he?
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Raju leaves this place, …………?
a) is he
b) doesn't he
c) does he
d) isn't he
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She had an unpleasant experience ………. she was in Thailand.
a) but
b) and
c) because
d) while
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Spot the Error
a) Two thousand rupees
b) seem
c) too much
d) for this hand bag.
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Those who go on to someone else's land without the owner's permission
a) delinquents
b) trespassers
c) offenders
d) culprits
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a) meadow : grass
b) snake : egg
c) parasite : host
d) predator: den
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They have been working in the field ………… the break of dawn.
a) for
b) from
c) since
d) but
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Select Correct Word
a) Guarante
b) Guarrantee
c) Gurantee
d) Guarantee
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She entered the room while I …. lunch.
a) have
b) had
c) was having
d) have been having
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A few girls know his house, …………?
a) do they
b) did they
c) don't they
d) didn't they
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…. his hard work he failed in the exam.
a) Instead of
b) even though
c) Despite
d) Even if
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The Synonym of 'Confer'
a) Vague
b) Spend
c) Protect
d) Grant
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'Prima facie' means:
a) beautiful face
b) prime and proper
c) at first view
d) prime time
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He 'always makes castle in the air' means.
a) He used to make castles
b) He would dream of making castles in the air
c) He often dreams of things to be done in the air
d) He often dreams of things impossible to happen
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Most of the earth's surface is covered with water. The Active Voice is:
a) Water covered most of the earth's surface
b) Water is covering most of the earth's surface
c) Water covers most of the earth's surface
d) Water will cover most of the earth's surface
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Fish and chips ……. my favourite food
a) are
b) were
c) is
d) has
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I am very tired ………… ….. I have been working all day.
a) so
b) because
c) therefore
d) from
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The passive form of “They have arrested the thief ” is..
a) The thief was arrested by them
b) The thief has been arrested by them
c) The thief have been arrested by them
d) The thief had been arrested by them
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Synonym of 'Grapple'
a) intend
b) struggle
c) trap
d) laugh
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He was found guilty ……. he was dismissed from — service.
a) as
b) therefore
c) until
d) unless
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I…………… all the requirements for the job already.
a) am meeting
b) meet
c) have met
d) will meet
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The price of gold has …………… this month.
a) come about
b) come by
c) come down
d) come to
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………… he came, he drank a glass of water.
a) Even if
b) As if
c) As soon as
d) Until
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