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General English Exam Practice – 50

One who acts on behalf of organization

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Change into Passive Voice – People play football all over the world.
a) Football is played all over the world.
b) All over the world is played football.
c) Football is being played all over the world.
d) Football was played all over the world.
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Synonym of 'Epitome'
a) submit
b) volume
c) essence
d) submit
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Raju enjoys ……….. the dramas of Shakespeare.
a) read
b) reading
c) to read
d) to be reading
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Antonym of 'Abuse'
a) Praise
b) Blame
c) Hate
d) Regret
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One who acts on behalf of organization
a) Celibacy
b) Celebrity
c) Delegate
d) Mediator
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I am not angry.. ……….. anything I feel a little surprised.
a) If
b) Unless
c) Whether
d) As if
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………. is the nearest school?
a) How long
b) How often
c) How far
d) How many
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Get one's hands dirty
a) To get a boost
b) Obtain something
c) Face with unpleasant parts
d) To remain unused
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Spot the Error
a) This is
b) the only one of
c) the local bakeries
d) that sell black forest cakes.
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Arun exclaimed, “Hurrah! I have bagged the first rank.”
a) Arun said that he has bagged the first rank.
b) Arun exclaimed with delight that he had bagged the first rank.
c) Arun exclaimed that hurrah he bagged the first rank.
d) Arun announced that he had bagged the first rank.
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The faster you run, …
a) the more soon you reach
b) the sooner you reach
c) the quicker you reached
d) the sooner you reached
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I went to ….. hospital to see my uncle.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) some
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Which of the following is nearest in meaning to the word CALAMITY?
a) bravery
b) prudence
c) disaster
d) balm
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Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word 'debit':
a) loan
b) advance
c) credit
d) borrow
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The patient ……. died before the doctor came.
a) has
b) did
c) had
d) has been
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I wouldn't bring __________________ the subject with her if I were you.
a) up
b) about
c) round
d) none of this
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They suggested …….. …. a new house.
a) look for
b) to look for
c) looking for
d) to looking for
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I think it's __________________ favourite season.
a) mine
b) my
c) another
d) none of this
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a) abstemious : devour
b) tasteless : savor
c) likely : conjecture
d) cranky: grumble
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Antonym of 'Yell'
a) Shout
b) Call
c) Whisper
d) Speak
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Complete the proverb: The hand that rocks the cradle
a) rules the roost
b) rules the world
c) plays by the rule
d) plays by their own rules
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When Meena was in trouble, Leela didn’t help her she …………..
a) went to the wall
b) called it a day
c) was all ears
d) left her in the lurch
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You never know how he will behave. He is a
a) queer dog
b) queer fish
c) queer cat
d) queer wolf
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She said, “I have decided not to marry.” The Indirect Speech is:
a) She said that she has decided not to marry
b) She said that I have decided not to marry
c) She said that she had decided not marry
d) She said that she had decided not to marry
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