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General English Exam Practice – 5

He was so tired that he could not speak. (Change it to a compound sentence)

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The trees were cut …….. an axe.
a) by
b) within
c) off
d) with
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I …. one of my old friends yesterday.
a) came by
b) get at
c) put across
d) came across
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Please wait here (1)/ until you are (2)/ in a hurry to go (3)/. No. error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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Choose the correct sentence
a) He is true for his word.
b) Let we move
c) She is senior than me
d) He and I are brothers
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The price of these tee shirts …. reasonable.
a) are
b) is
c) were
d) have been
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The bell rang while they …………… lunch.
a) had
b) are having
c) have
d) were having
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He was so tired that he could not speak. (Change it to a compound sentence)
a) He was tired enough not to speak.
b) He was so tired that he could not speak.
c) He was very tired, so he could not speak.
d) He could not speak as he was very tired.
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We had …… breakfast
a) an
b) a
c) the
d) No article
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Germany is ……. European country.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) no article required
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She visited ……. Netherlands last month.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) none of these
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An animal that is equally at home on land and in water:
a) domestic
b) abstemious
c) amphibious
d) cannibal
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Spot the Error
a) The Principal wants to know
b) as to why
c) I did not attend
d) the meeting yesterday.
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The Kurla Express is due ten minutes.
a) in
b) on
c) for
d) at
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If you had asked me
a) I would tell you
b) I could tell you
c) I would have told you
d) I can tell you
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Someone is knocking …….. the door.
a) on
b) at
c) in
d) from
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Pick out the most acceptable sentence from the given list:
a) In spite the heavy rain the match went on
b) Despite the heavy rain the match went on
c) If I were a bird, I will fly to my home
d) England can be able to beat Pakistan in the World Cup
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The Idiom 'Drop a bombshell' means:
a) To drop a bomb
b) To behave in a rude manner
c) To say something very unexpected
d) To destroy everything
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Who baked this cake? [Change into Passive Voice]
a) By whom is this cake baked?
b) By whom has this cake been baked?
c) By whom was this cake baked?
d) By whom had this cake been baked?
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The wound is very deep. Change this into an exclamatory sentence.
a) How deep the wound is!
b) What deep the wound is!
c) How a deep wound!
d) How deep is the wound.
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Bolt from the blue
a) Thundering
b) A complete surprise
c) Inform something bad
d) No idea
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There is no glass in the window,……….?
a) isn't there?
b) is there?
c) was there?
d) wasn't there?
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Antonym of NADIR:
a) zenith
b) modernity
c) liberty
d) progress
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You should never…. trying
a) give out
b) give on
c) give up
d) gave up
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Tagore is one of the greatest poets of modern India.
a) Tagore is greater than any other poets of modern India
b) Tagore is greater than many other poets of modern India
c) Tagore is greater than many other poet of modern India
d) Tagore is greater than any other poet of modern India
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He is planning to …. his job.
a) retire
b) fire
c) resign
d) finish
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