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General English Exam Practice – 49

Stay in bed for a while the doctor said. The doctor told

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The child felt hungry, so he started weeping. (Convert into complex sentence)
a) The child started weeping because he felt hungry.
b) Feeling hungry the child started weeping
c) As felt hungry the child started weeping
d) Having felt hungry the child started weeping
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I wouldn't go to school by bus if I …………… a driving licence.
a) had had
b) will have
c) had
d) have had
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Every adult has the right to marry, …………?
a) hasn't they
b) haven't they
c) has they
d) have they
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The plural form of 'Hero'
a) Heros
b) Heroes
c) Heroses
d) Heroine
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Find the wrong sentence:
a) Ashoka was one of the greatest kings.
b) Very few kings were so great as Ashoka.
c) Ashoka was greater than most other kings.
d) No other kings were great than Ashoka.
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Spot the Error
a) I will have sent you
b) an email
c) within
d) two days.
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One who helps others Good
a) Novice
b) Polyglot
c) Hypocrite
d) Samaritan
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The girl has many …. in her hair.
a) lice
b) lices
c) louse
d) louis
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Antonym of 'Reliable'
a) careful
b) dubious
c) pleasing
d) rhythmic
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The antonym of 'fortune is'
a) unfortune
b) misfortune
c) disfortune
d) enfortune
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Choose the Active form.
a) Who can beat him?
b) Whom can beat him?
c) By who can beat him?
d) Who can be beaten by him?
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Which statement is more correct?
a) English is spoken by nearly a half of the population
b) English is a global language
c) English is the first language of India
d) English is an unofficial language in India
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The Indirect form of-The captain said to the team, “Bravo you have done well”.
a) The captain remarked that the team had done well.
b) The captain said to the team that they had done well.
c) The captain told the team you have done well.
d) The captain applauded the team saying that they had done well.
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Stay in bed for a while the doctor said. The doctor told
a) her to stay in bed for a while
b) her for staying in bed for a while
c) to stay in bed for a while
d) her to staying in bed for a while
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He will explaining to you when he comes back
a) is explaining
b) will explain
c) have explaining
d) No Improvement
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The shopkeeper agreed (1)/ either to exchange the goods (2)/ or refund the money (3)7. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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A person who has a friendly nature. Choose the correct one word for this.
a) Amicable
b) Agnostic
c) Amiable
d) Atheist
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He is …….. U.S Ambassador
a) the
b) a
c) an
d) no article
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Synonym of 'Bridge'
a) Link
b) Divide
c) Revenge
d) Peace
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There is a stamp ………..the envelope
a) in
b) on
c) by
d) into
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….it was, we went out,
a) though
b) although
c) even though
d) even if
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I have read the whole book, she said. The Indirect form is:
a) She said that she has read the whole book
b) She said that she had read the whole book
c) She said that I have read the whole book
d) She said that she read the whole book
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Find out the correct spelling
a) bureoucracy
b) boureaucracy
c) buroecracy
d) bureaucracy
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Neither of his children —– good health.
a) enjoy
b) enjoys
c) are enjoying
d) have been enjoying
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He hates me, – Use the correct Tag.
a) doesn't he?
b) does he?
c) didn't he?
d) did he?
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