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General English Exam Practice – 47

Nobody can request me to do anything which I do not want to do

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Which of the following is identical in meaning to the sentece 'Raju finished his work and then he left home'?
a) Finishing his work Raju left home
b) Raju left home finishing his work
c) Having finished his work Raju left home
d) Having left home Raju finished his work
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I smell something
a) burn
b) burning
c) burnt
d) was burning
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The police have been accused —- conniving —– the prisoner's escape.
a) of, to
b) for, in
c) of, at
d) on, at
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He has worked here …………… a year.
a) since
b) for
c) from
d) within
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The mechanic…….. the car before the owner arrived. Choose the right alternative.
a) repaired
b) had repaired
c) has repaired
d) repairing
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……….. your spirits.
a) Keep away
b) Keep up
c) Keep in
d) Keep into
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Nobody can request me to do anything which I do not want to do
a) encourage
b) delegate
c) compel
d) No Improvement
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On Saturdays I WORK from nine to five. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) verb
b) preposition
c) adverb
d) noun
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You can either come with me now or walk home.
a) simple sentence
b) complex sentence
c) compound sentence
d) compound-complex sentence
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She looks happy, ….?
a) does she?
b) doesn’t she?
c) did she?
d) isn’t it?
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The book is being written by me [Change into Active Voice]
a) I write the book.
b) I am writing the book.
c) I was writing the book.
d) I have been writing the book.
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The Active form of – An exciting game has been played by the boys.
a) The boys played an exciting game.
b) The boys have played an exciting game.
c) The boys had played an exciting game.
d) The boys play an exciting game.
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The earth goes round the sun……
a) Isn't it?
b) Is it?
c) Doesn't it?
d) Does it?
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She has lost the book that she had purchased. (Convert into compound sentence)
a) She has lost the book which she had purchased
b) Having purchased a book, she has lost it.
c) She had purchased a book and she has lost it.
d) The book that she had purchased has been lost.
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The boat was anchored by a painter. The word “painter” means:
a) Captain
b) rope
c) Boatswain
d) sailor
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The first five seats are …….. for women and senior citizens.
a) set in
b) set apart
c) set aside
d) set in
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Whenever Sheila gets into trouble she makes a story to get out of it.(Choose the correct word for bolded part which may improve the sentence. In case no improvement is needed choose ‘no improvement’)
a) makes up
b) makes for
c) makes out
d) no improvement
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Don't open the door — the rain stops
a) till
b) although
c) when
d) but
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Please give attention to (1)/ what the speaker (2)/ is saying (3)/. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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Antonym of ACCORD:
a) concord
b) solution
c) dissent
d) act
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………. event did you take part?
a) In what
b) Which
c) In which
d) What
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Walking along the street, I saw a dead cobra. (Convert into a complex sentence)
a) I saw a dead cobra, by walking along the street.
b) While I was walking along the street, I saw a dead cobra.
c) I walked along the street and saw a dead cobra.
d) I walked along the street, so I saw a dead cobra.
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The Positive degree of: This is the most tiresome journey.
a) No other journey is as tiresome as this.
b) Another journey is less tiresome than this.
c) This journey is more tiresome than other tasks.
d) Some other journeys are not as tiresome as this.
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Extreme fear of being in a small confined place [Replace the phrase with one word]
a) acrophobia
b) claustrophobia
c) zenophobia
d) pyrophobia
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I had written to you, ……..?
a) wouldn't I?
b) hadn't I?
c) didn't I?
d) had I?
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