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General English Exam Practice – 46

They could have helped him to pay off the loan (Into Passive Voice)

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After he ………………. finished school, he went to England.
a) had
b) has
c) did
d) is
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She usually ……… to school.
a) is walking
b) has been walking
c) walks
d) had walked
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Physics is ……… than history.
a) difficult
b) very difficult
c) most difficult
d) more difficult
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They could have helped him to pay off the loan (Into Passive Voice)
a) He could have helped to pay off the loan
b) He could have to be helped to pay off the loan.
c) He could have been helped to pay off the loan.
d) The loan could have been paid off by them.
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a) individual: diary
b) inventory : emporium
c) catalog : team
d) bulletin : incident
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This car …………. to my brother.
a) do not belong
b) belonging
c) belongs
d) has belonged
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Although there was nothing particularly impressive about that painting, I ………….. to it.
a) took a fancy
b) took an interest
c) took a fantasy
d) took a liking
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Nobody answered it, ………..?
a) did he
b) didn't he
c) didn't they
d) did they
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A person who is calm and sensible is:
a) Head strong
b) Pompous
c) Level headed
d) Thin skinned
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Talking disrespectfully of sacred things (choose the one which can be substituted)
a) heresy
b) blasphemy
c) atheism
d) apostasy
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Don't worry. Your English is getting…….
a) good
b) better
c) best
d) the better
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MI arrive sometime ………… 8 and 9 am.
a) between
b) in
c) next to
d) on
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At the end of his speech the leader wished ………. to all.
a) au revoir
b) obiter-dictum
c) ad valorem
d) amen
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'Being tired, he fell asleep. This sentence, when changed into the compound form, becomes:
a) As he was tired, he fell asleep
b) He was tired and fell asleep
c) Tiredness made him fall asleep
d) When he was tired, he fell asleep
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A speech or presentation made without previous preparation:
a) screed
b) impromptu
c) extempore
d) impuissant
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I was PLEASANTLY surprised when she showed up at the door unannounced. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) adverb
b) adjective
c) verb
d) conjunction
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We can scarcely afford the rent,
a) can't we?
b) can we?
c) do we?
d) don't we?
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He said to me, “I can't believe you.” The Indirect speech is:
a) He told me that he can't believe me
b) He told me that I couldn't believe him
c) He told me that he couldn't believe me
d) He told me that he couldn't believe you
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He not only cheated (1)/ his friends but also (2)/ his close relatives (3)/. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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Antonym of CORDIAL:
a) unfriendly
b) sweet
c) cold
d) frigid
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The Passive form of – Who has won the trophy?
a) By whom had the trophy been
b) By whom is the trophy won?
c) By whom has the trophy been won?
d) By whom was the trophy won?
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One who travels from place to place.
a) hermit
b) passenger
c) itinerant
d) ascetic
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In the summer, we ………… and go swimming everyday.
a) sunbathed
b) are sunbathing
c) sunbathe
d) sunbathes
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Plural form of 'Pantry'
a) Pantries
b) Pantrys
c) Pantryes
d) Pantris
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He told me that he would see me in a few days. Choose the Direct speech.
a) He said to me, “I would see you in a few days.”
b) He said to me, “He will see you in a few days.”
c) He said to me, “I see you in a few days”
d) He said to me, “I will see you in a few days.”
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