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General English Exam Practice – 44

The matter can be settled before we leave. The Active form is

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If you touch a fire, you ………….. burned.
a) will get
b) would get
c) get
d) may get
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Vinay …….. the restaurant by the time Vijay reached there.
a) would leave
b) was leaving
c) is leaving
d) had left
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She has bought a scooter [Change into Passive Voice]
a) A scooter has been bought by her.
b) A scooter was bought by her.
c) A scooter had been bought by her.
d) A scooter is being bought by her.
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Unless she ……… she will miss the train.
a) don't hurry
b) will hurry
c) hurries
d) must hurry
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Take some cash __________________ you need it.
a) in case
b) whether
c) so that
d) none of this
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The matter can be settled before we leave. The Active form is:
a) We can settle the matter before we leave
b) We can settled the matter before we leave
c) We could settle the matter before we leave
d) We can settle the matter before we left
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Her friends like her because she is frank, she …….
a) takes the bull by the horns
b) is all ears
c) wears her heart on her sleeve
d) hit the nail on the head
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Choose the correct sentence.
a) of the two bags, the red one is the best
b) He hanged the picture on the wall
c) We believe that Ganges is a sacred river
d) To tell you the truth, I prefer cold water to tea
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Payment is …. on the first of every month.
a) dew
b) duo
c) due
d) do
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The deluxe bus broke ……. on the main road.
a) along
b) down
c) off
d) in
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John said he ……. to a concert with Sumisha the previous week.
a) went
b) had gone
c) has gone
d) would go
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Synonym of 'Ascent'
a) Agree
b) Climb
c) Ground
d) Consent
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Nobody has come here …. we bought these dogs.
a) since
b) for
c) till
d) unlsse
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'ab initio' means:
a) from the beginning
b) till the end
c) expansion of initials
d) first alphabet
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The sound of lion is …..
a) roar
b) trumpet
c) scream
d) hiss
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It is advisable to keep one's …… feelings to oneself.
a) especial
b) particular
c) private
d) special
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The teacher……… for three hours now.
a) has been teaching
b) was teaching
c) taught
d) is teaching
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Write your name …… ink.
a) in
b) with
c) on
d) by
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I knew him by his likeness _______ to his father
a) with
b) to
c) by
d) on
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Antonym of UNRULY
a) chatting
b) lined
c) obedient
d) definite
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Mary is a member of the Historical Society ……….. the Literary Society.
a) as
b) or
c) and
d) but
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The Principal did not give the charge of the senior class to Hari as he was …….
a) a hard nut to crack
b) wet behind the ears
c) a black sheep
d) smelt a rat
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Out of question
a) Blurry
b) Very far
c) Isolated
d) Impossible
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Synonym of 'Supplant'
a) Undo
b) Grow
c) Replace
d) Question
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Synonym of 'Facetious'
a) wiling
b) sham
c) unreliable
d) seditious
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