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General English Exam Practice – 43

I will abide by the law inspite of the fact that this is a false case against me

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A landform that is formed at the mouth of a river
a) Island
b) Costline
c) Delta
d) Reef
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We went to ………….. bride’s home on …………… week day.
a) the, an
b) the, a
c) a, a
d) the, the
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………….. detective is on the look out for …………… one eyed man.
a) the, a
b) the, an
c) a a
d) a, an
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Which one of the following sentences is a complex sentence?
a) The old man was weak therefore he could not walk properly
b) Being weak, the old man could not walk properly.
c) The old man could not walk properly owing to weakness.
d) As the old man was weak, he could not walk properly
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To move out of one's own country
a) emigrate
b) immigrate
c) asylum
d) voyage
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Choose the meaning of the Latin word 'viva voce':
a) literally
b) carefully
c) legibly
d) orally
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I will abide by the law inspite of the fact that this is a false case against me
a) live in
b) endure
c) tolerate
d) No Improvement
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Sound made by emus:
a) drone
b) screech
c) drum
d) caw
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Which of the following sentences is in passive voice?
a) He suggested that we should resort to rain-harvesting.
b) They suffered a defeat at the polls.
c) If we start now we can reach there by sunset.
d) French and German are spoken in Switzerland.
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They came late, ………..
a) did they?
b) didn’t they?
c) do they?
d) does they?
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…. coast guard lost …. arm in the accident.
a) the, an
b) an, the
c) an, a
d) an, an
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All the trees have ….. fruit.
a) born
b) bone
c) borne
d) bore
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If you had been a little more proactive, this golden opportunity would not have
a) escaped your fingers
b) slipped through your fingers
c) slipped through your head
d) escaped your hands
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The …… part of the film was rather boring.
a) Front
b) Later
c) Latter
d) First
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Extreme fear of being in a small confined place
a) acrophobia
b) claustrophobia
c) zenophobia
d) pyrophobia
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I bought a BEAUTIFUL dress at the mall. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) preposition
b) adjective
c) noun
d) adverb
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One who firmly believes in fate or destiny:
a) gratis
b) dermatologist
c) fatalist
d) biblist
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Synonym of 'Apothegm'
a) medicine
b) Speculation
c) Resistance
d) Adage
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Spot the Error
a) The students aren't listening
b) although the teacher
c) tried to explain
d) the concept.
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I usually have bread and butter for breakfast, but yesterday I _______ pasta
a) have been
b) had been
c) have
d) had
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Identify the correct sentence:
a) They will visit Agra last month
b) They were visiting Agra last month
c) They visit Agra last month
d) They visited Agra last month
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When did you leave school? The interviewer asked Monisha
a) when she has left school
b) when she left school
c) when she had left school
d) when she would leave school
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Which of the following is not a compound word?
a) childhood
b) childcare
c) timetable
d) airport
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She always …….. the candle before she goes to bed.
a) blows out
b) blows up
c) blows down
d) blows in
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Synonym of 'Soporific'
a) Praise
b) Ease
c) hypnotic
d) Utter
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