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General English Exam Practice – 42

The Comparative Degree of > Jaya is the brightest student in the group

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About to happen
a) Immortal
b) Imminent
c) Impassable
d) Indelible
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Choose the correct sentence from those given:
a) He enjoys to collect stamps
b) He enjoys collecting stamps
c) He enjoys in collecting stamps
d) He enjoy collecting stamps
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The situation in the factory _________ no signs of improvement, as the ongoing strike entered second days
a) displayed
b) exposed
c) showed
d) view
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Pick out the correct sentence from the options:
a) Government immediately took action after unexpected tragedy
b) Government took action after unexpected tragedy immediately
c) Immediately the Government took action after unexpected tragedy
d) Government took action immediately after unexpected tragedy
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If I got the chance, ….
a) I would have visited the Great Wall of China
b) I would visit the Great Wall of China
c) I will visit the Great Wall of China
d) I can visit the Great Wall of China
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The Comparative Degree of > Jaya is the brightest student in the group.
a) No other student in the group is as bright as Jaya
b) No other student is brighter than Jaya
c) Jaya is brighter than any other student in the group
d) Jaya is a bright student
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I first met him ……. year ago. Use the right Article.
a) an
b) a
c) the
d) No article
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Spot the Error
a) The objections of the teacher
b) to accompany them
c) to Goa
d) are meaningless.
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The two sisters lived …… same roof.
a) in
b) under
c) below
d) beneath
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I am strongly of the view (1)/ that children should obey (2)/ to their parents (3)/.No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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She paid through the nose to buy the flat. (Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idiom/phrase)
a) in small instalments
b) in bulk
c) too much money
d) a moderate amount of money
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No sooner did he enter …. choose the right alternative
a) when the people stood up.
b) than the people stood up.
c) then the people stood up.
d) the people stood up
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Everyone stood up, ………….?
a) didn't they
b) didn't he
c) weren't they
d) haven't they
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Where have I invest my money?
a) shall I
b) will I
c) should I
d) No Improvement
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The manager as well as his colleagues …. gone.
a) have
b) will
c) has
d) were
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Write your name ….. the top of the page.
a) in
b) on
c) upon
d) at
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Synonym of BYGONE:
a) modern
b) olden
c) future
d) present
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I couldn't attend the meeting because I got held …….. in a traffic jam.
a) down
b) off
c) up
d) back
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This is the cause ………. the problem.
a) on
b) of
c) off
d) None of these
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I haven't been to Chennai ………. 2001
a) for
b) in
c) since
d) by
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Ramu was frightened ….
a) to be killed
b) to being killed
c) for being killed
d) of being killed
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Have a cup of tea, …… Add the right Question Tag.
a) haven't you?
b) have you?
c) don't you?
d) will you?
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Let us go for a picnic, …
a) shan't we?
b) can we?
c) shall we?
d) may we?
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I am committed to —- you in deference to your parents.
a) helping
b) help
c) have helped
d) the help of
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A government that is carried on through officers (choose the one which can be substituted)
a) officiousness
b) oligarchy
c) bureaucracy
d) dictatorship
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