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General English Exam Practice – 40

Extreme old age when a person behaves like a fool [Replace the phrase with one word]

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The doctors could …. the problem easily
a) identificate
b) identicate
c) indentification
d) identify
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John came LATER than Peter. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) adjective
b) adverb
c) verb
d) noun
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The Indirect form of – She said, “I swim every day.”
a) She said that she swam every day.
b) She said that she is going to swim every day.
c) She said that she goes to swim every day.
d) She said that I swim every day.
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Extreme old age when a person behaves like a fool [Replace the phrase with one word]
a) dotage
b) imbecility
c) senility
d) superannuation
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) My wife is /
b) in bad mood /
c) this morning /
d) No error
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The new M.P. … the Prime Minister yesterday
a) called on
b) got on
c) called at
d) got at
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Everybody ……. listening to music.
a) loves
b) love
c) loving
d) will loving
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a) antibody : braise
b) antidote : poisoning
c) purgative : eating
d) anticlimax : episode
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She sat next to ……… elderly lady
a) an
b) a
c) the
d) No article
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Keep the food covered …………. the flies will contaminate
a) or
b) and
c) until
d) though
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Maybe she will return tonight. [She ………. return tonight.]
a) will
b) has to
c) must
d) may
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Just wait here,……. ?
a) shall we?
b) did you?
c) will you?
d) do you?
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Select Correct Word
a) Beenefited
b) Benefited
c) Beneffited
d) Benefyted
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Behind closed doors
a) To praise someone
b) Doing something secretly
c) Excite someone
d) To work hard
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Our teacher always ……….. us lots of homework.
a) is giving
b) have given
c) had given
d) gives
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Yesterday …. European band of dancers met …. Chief Minister
a) an, the
b) a, an
c) an, a
d) a, the
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The book has been …….. lost …….. stolen
a) either …… or
b) not only …….. but also
c) both …….. and
d) too ………
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She does not regularly cook; she …………. now.
a) cooks
b) is cooking
c) cooked
d) was cooking
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One who goes on foot. Choose One word.
a) Pedestal
b) Fatalist
c) Pedestrian
d) Pessimist
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Antonym of 'Odium'
a) trust
b) admiration
c) fragrance
d) ease
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One who studies election trends is known as a —–
a) socialist
b) psephologist
c) demographist
d) demagogue
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A person unselfishly devoted to the welfare of others
a) Antagonist
b) Physician
c) Altruist
d) Devotee
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Choose the right sentence
a) Go home immediate
b) This is the best of the two
c) He has been absent for Monday
d) I am older than you
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I said, “what a cool evening!”
a) I told that it was a cool evening
b) I exclaimed that it was a cool evening
c) I exclaimed with regret that it was a cool evening
d) I exclaimed that it was very cool
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Charity begins at —-
a) school
b) college
c) home
d) classroom
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