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General English Exam Practice – 4

For a long time his deceit was concealed from her. [Select opposite word]

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Article Before we got there, most of the guests …… Use the correct tense
a) arrived
b) were arrived
c) had arrived
d) will arrive
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a) hill: cliff
b) ash : fire
c) hair : wig
d) splinter: wood
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Sudden ……. and thunder frightened the baby.
a) lightening
b) lighten
c) lightning
d) lighting
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a) expend : relish
b) exploit: utilize
c) explore : peruse
d) rent: contrive
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Choose the correct sentence:
a) He used to smoke, but now he's stopped
b) He was used to smoke, but now he's stopped
c) He is used to smoke, but now he's stopped
d) He used to smoking, but now he's stopped
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What was the main ________ behind london bombings
a) aim
b) motive
c) objective
d) purpose
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Spot the Error
a) No sooner
b) had we entered the hall
c) when the lights
d) went out.
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There is no need to answer the letter. [You ………….. answer the letter.]
a) need not
b) should not
c) must not
d) will not
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'Carrot and stick policy' mean:
a) Give and take
b) Reward and punishment
c) Pay and use
d) Come and enjoy
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The factory workers called …….. their indefinite strike last evening.
a) away
b) off
c) of
d) in
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Synonym of 'Pedantic'
a) confuse
b) pedestrian
c) arduous
d) Fickle
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Hardly had he arrived…..
a) then the dog started barking
b) than the dog started barking
c) when the dog started barking
d) that the dog started barking
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They climbed ……………. the lorry.
a) into
b) in
c) under
d) above
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I took ….. …….. hour to reach …………… railway station.
a) a, the
b) an, a
c) an, the
d) a, an
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I invited my colleagues …. dinner.
a) for
b) over
c) at
d) to
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I managed to get rid …….. my old clothes.
a) over
b) from
c) of
d) at
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The rich ……. to help the poor.
a) is
b) are
c) was
d) were
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The correct sentence of the following is:
a) I have seen an English film yesterday.
b) I was seen an English film yesterday.
c) I had seen an English film yesterday.
d) I saw an English film yesterday.
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The thief made …….. with the jewellery
a) off
b) away
c) over
d) out
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James offered …………….. us move.
a) to help
b) helping
c) to helping
d) help
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a) ice : glass
b) cascade : precipice
c) steam : geyser
d) none
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A person attached to a profession by love or unpaid manner
a) Professional
b) Amateur
c) Expert
d) Dilettante
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For a long time his deceit was concealed from her. [Select opposite word]
a) yielded
b) accepted
c) revealed
d) denied
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The Police………for him for a long time.
a) Was looking
b) has been looking
c) had looked
d) have been looking
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Antonym of 'Docile'
a) pale
b) unreachable
c) intelligent
d) unruly
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