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General English Exam Practice – 39

By the time we arrived the thief ……… by the police

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People …………. English in Jamaica.
a) speaks
b) speak
c) are speaking
d) is speaking
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People say the dog is the most reliable friend of man. (Into the Passive Voice)
a) The dog is said to be the most reliable friend of man.
b) It is said the dog to be the most reliable friend of man.
c) The dog is the most reliable friend of man.
d) People said the dog was the most reliable friend of man.
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She said to him, 'Why don't you go today?
a) She said to him that why he don't go today.
b) She asked him if he was going that day.
c) She asked him why he did not go today.
d) She asked him why he did not go that day.
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They bought a car, ……..?
a) did they?
b) didn't they?
c) do they?
d) does they?
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A thing of no importance
a) trifle
b) twinkling
c) vague
d) useless
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Antonym of 'Supernal'
a) infernal
b) claim
c) special
d) genuine
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By the time we arrived the thief ……… by the police.
a) had caught
b) had been caught
c) has been caught
d) was caught
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Let us ask her now, ……?
a) do we?
b) shall we?
c) shan't we?
d) can we?
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Vijay fought like ……. hero.
a) a
b) the
c) an
d) none of these
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My father recommended ………………… a BMW.
a) to buy
b) to buying
c) buy
d) buying
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Police ……. a powerful bomb.
a) defused
b) disused
c) deceived
d) deduced
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The Indirect form of – He said to me, “Where is the coffee house?”
a) He asked me where the coffee house was.
b) He wanted to know where the coffee house was.
c) He asked me where was the coffee house.
d) He asked me that where the coffee house was.
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Choose the wrongly spelt word:
a) Inaugurate
b) inundate
c) Incite
d) Inflamable
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Making a pretence of virtue.
a) Democracy
b) Autocracy
c) Hypocrisy
d) Prophesy
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There is a big supermarket ……….. the park.
a) on
b) near
c) in front
d) next
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An eighteen-year old is ……. to vote in the election.
a) old enough
b) as old enough
c) enough old
d) enough old as
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Although he had no ………… injuries, doctors found that he was suffering from internal bleeding
a) outside
b) external
c) outlying
d) exterior
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Synonym of 'Coterie'
a) club
b) various
c) flirtation
d) socialize
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……she speaks well, she suffers from stage fear.
a) Unless
b) As
c) Though
d) If
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Among the given the odd one is:
a) bleep
b) bleat
c) mew
d) chirp
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Find out the wrong part of the sentence.
a) One of the woman
b) in the city
c) who won the award
d) was my friend
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She cared for (1)/ both the sick (2)/ as well as the wounded (3)/. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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The Superlative degree of: No other animal is as faithful as the dog.
a) The dog is faithful than any other animal.
b) The dog is the most faithful animal.
c) The dog is a more faithful animal.
d) The dog is a faithful animal.
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Vimal ……… out of station for two months.
a) was
b) is
c) must be
d) has been
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Tim would like __________________ play the drums. His parents don't want to buy a drum kit
a) too
b) two
c) to
d) none of this
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