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General English Exam Practice – 38

All the residents of the colony painted the town red on the eve of festival

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'Ad hoc' means:
a) temporary
b) trial
c) transfer
d) tired
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He has reported. … a white eagle.
a) seeing
b) to see
c) to seeing
d) see
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The Antonym of 'Break'
a) Repair
b) Destroy
c) Defend
d) Begin
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He looks tired,….?
a) does he?
b) doesn't he?
c) did he?
d) isn't it?
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My mother makes me ………………. my homework before I go out.
a) do
b) to do
c) to doing
d) doing
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All the residents of the colony painted the town red on the eve of festival.
a) to white wash buildings
b) to renovate buildings
c) to celebrate noisly in public places
d) to create nuisances
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Be on cloud nine
a) Very happy
b) Very sad
c) Going long distance
d) Going short distance
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Change into Indirect Speech – The old lady said to Rekha, “Give me some food, please.”
a) The old lady said to Rekha to give some food.
b) The old lady said to Rekha to give her some food.
c) The old lady requested Rekha to please give her some food.
d) The old lady requested Rekha to give her some food.
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The boys played the basketball game ever.
a) good
b) better
c) most best
d) best
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We …. for Delhi just after 10 o’clock.
a) set aside
b) set apart
c) set off
d) set down
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A thing of no importance
a) trifle
b) twinkling
c) vague
d) useless
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Most of the guests ……… before we got there.
a) arrived
b) had arrived
c) has arrived
d) will arrive
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Meagre (Find the suitable opposite word)
a) ample
b) villager
c) danger
d) simple
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Spot the Error
a) Heera corrected
b) all the mistakes
c) that the teacher
d) marked on her answer sheet.
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The jury …….. given a unanimous verdict of 'not guilty'.
a) was
b) is
c) has
d) have
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The Chief Minister is …….. time.
a) on
b) after
c) across
d) upon
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She is a sensible person.
a) senseless
b) practical
c) fashionable
d) nice
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there is no demand for this type of book, 1 cannot place an order.
a) Since
b) As
c) Either could be used here
d) Neither could be used here
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After the accident he turned over a new leaf. The idiom means
a) changed his ways
b) shifted his attention
c) covered up his faults
d) behaved in a better way
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I will call you when dinner.. ………….. ready.
a) is
b) was
c) has
d) were
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He behaved …….. a foolish manner
a) in
b) by
c) at
d) on
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My mother is working …….
a) in a women's college.
b) in a woman's college.
c) in a womans' college.
d) in a womens' college.
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'Being honest he as rewarded by the King' is a:
a) Complex sentence
b) Compound sentence
c) Simple sentence
d) Compound complex sentence
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Antonym of OVERT:
a) secret
b) unwritten
c) deep
d) shallow
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Celebration of hundredth year
a) Golden
b) Diamond
c) Centenary
d) Platinum
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