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General English Exam Practice – 36

The film is forwarded to represent India in the Best Foreign Film category at next year’s Oscars

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He hid the money,…..?
a) did he?
b) has he?
c) didn't he?
d) isn't he?
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The film is forwarded to represent India in the Best Foreign Film category at next year's Oscars
a) awarded
b) nominated
c) appointed
d) No Improvement
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He's painting the house with a view. …….. it.
a) to sell
b) to selling
c) sell
d) selling
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The teacher asked me (1)/ what the longest river (2)/ in Kerala was (3)%. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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He usually walks to school……….?
a) does he?
b) did he?
c) doesn't he?
d) will he?
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You will get high marks …..
a) if you worked hard
b) if you had worked hard
c) if you has worked hard
d) if you work hard
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Choose the correct alternative.
a) Break up
b) Break out
c) Break in
d) Break down
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Choose the correct meaning of the foreign word 'vis a vis':
a) back to back
b) side by side
c) looking at each other
d) face to face
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WELL, I don't think I'll be home before [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) interjection
b) preposition
c) pronoun
d) adverb
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' I think __________________ playing football'
a) he's
b) his
c) is
d) none of this
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…… camel is the ship of the desert.
a) A
b) An
c) The
d) One
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Synonym of SINEW:
a) muscle
b) blood
c) skin
d) hair
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She came out with flying colours in the UPSC exam. (Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idiom/phrase)
a) brightly
b) proudly
c) affably
d) very well
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One of my friends ….. working abroad.
a) are
b) is
c) have been
d) were
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a) throw : catch
b) hit: assault
c) sail : glide
d) waft: plummet
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Diabetes ……. a lifestyle disease.
a) was
b) have
c) were
d) is
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'A school' is a group of …..
a) Ship
b) Fish
c) Sheep
d) Bird
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The Manager……..the receipt of the shipment orders.
a) admitted
b) accepted
c) acknowledged
d) responded
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Spot the error, if any:
a) Our success or our failure
b) largely depend
c) upon our actions
d) No error
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Choose the correct sentence.
a) What a excuse!
b) The higher you go, cooler it is
c) I saw him writing a letter
d) Two and two makes four
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Please —– us with a list of your publications.
a) distribute
b) bring
c) get
d) supply
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a) pillar: support
b) contour: form
c) arabesque : emphasize
d) nave : fringe
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Change into Active Voice – The chairs had been repaired by the carpenter.
a) The carpenter had repaired the chairs.
b) The carpenter repaired the chairs.
c) The carpenter had repair the chairs.
d) The carpenter repairs the chairs.
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Everybody wants to be happy, ……….?
a) don't they
b) doesn't they
c) do they
d) does they
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If I were a Chief Minister, I……………… solve all the problems.
a) would
b) will
c) shall
d) can
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