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General English Exam Practice – 35

A person who enters without any invitation. Give One word

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The idiom a man of many parts means:
a) a man who is most untrustworthy
b) a man of unsteady views
c) a mean fellow
d) a person with many skills
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EVERYONE met at the field house. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) noun
b) pronoun
c) adjective
d) adverb
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I always feed the dogs before I …. breakfast.
a) have
b) has
c) had
d) did
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Gigantic (Find the suitable opposite word)
a) huge
b) small
c) dangerous
d) fantastic
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a) monarch : throne
b) president: company
c) supervisor: employee
d) captain : army
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If you had come, I ….. for you.
a) would wait
b) will wait
c) would have waited
d) will have waited
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She …. 18 years old next month.
a) was
b) is
c) would be
d) will be
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You should try to …….. your expenditure
a) cut away
b) cut up
c) cut in
d) cut down
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Change into Passive Voice – Parvathi is baking a cake.
a) A cake is baking Parvathi.
b) A cake will be baked by Parvathi.
c) A cake would be baked by Parvathi.
d) A cake is being baked by Parvathi.
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A person who enters without any invitation. Give One word.
a) Intruder
b) Supervisor
c) Guest
d) Visitor
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Which is not correctly matched?
a) dogs: bark
b) elephants: trumpet
c) horses: brays
d) frogs: croak
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She — all her property to her daughter.
a) made out
b) made over
c) made for
d) made up
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The Indirect form of – The teacher said to me,” Work hard.”
a) The teacher demanded me to work hard.
b) The teacher requested me to work hard.
c) The teacher advised me to work hard.
d) The teacher ordered me to work hard.
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She went to …….. United Arab Emirates.
a) an
b) a
c) the
d) none of these
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Reema ………. Rani has come
a) Either….. or
b) Neither… nor
c) No sooner…. than
d) As well as
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One word for the practice among people with power or influence of favouring their own relatives, especially by giving them jobs':
a) nepotism
b) parochialism
c) regionalism
d) bias
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Word of mouth
a) To make Promise
b) Wrong information
c) To spread by talking
d) To someone happy
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Vivek is …….. honourable lawyer.
a) an
b) the
c) a
d) none of these
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The Positive Degree of > Varun is the best boy in the class.
a) Varun is a good boy in the class.
b) No other boy in the class is as good as Varun.
c) Other boys in the class are not as good as Varun.
d) No other boy in the class is better than Varun.
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I ….. admit that I was wrong.
a) do
b) have
c) was
d) had
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Although he was wealthy and educated, he never made a name. (Convert into a compound sentence)
a) In spite of being wealthy and educated, he never made a name.
b) Despite being wealthy and educated, he never made a name.
c) He was wealthy and educated, yet he never made a name.
d) In spite of the fact that he was wealthy and educated, he never made a name.
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Antonym of DEFICIT
a) defy
b) supply
c) demand
d) surplus
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The Passive form of – Maya was washing the curtains.
a) The curtains are washed by Maya.
b) The curtains are being washed by Maya.
c) The curtains were washed by Maya.
d) The curtains were being washed by Maya.
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There is …….. money in my account.
a) a little
b) a few
c) few
d) little
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Which of the following is an Abstract Noun?
a) Pilgrim
b) Friend
c) Friendship
d) Child
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