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General English Exam Practice – 34

We provided them — two rooms. Use the right Prepositon

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Sooraj couldn't attend the meeting, …….?
a) could he?
b) did he?
c) didn't he?
d) can he?
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Cheese and tomato …….. well
a) go in
b) go on
c) go together
d) go up
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The feminine gender of 'milkman' is
a) Milkwoman
b) Milklady
c) Milkmaid
d) Milkgirl
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He ……out before I reached there. Use the right Tense.
a) went
b) had went
c) had gone
d) has gone
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We provided them — two rooms. Use the right Prepositon
a) with
b) at
c) by
d) of
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) A question worth asking is that/
b) whether the National Awards represent/
c) Pan-Indian cinema ori
d) is the focus on mainstream films only.
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I will return …… an hour. Choose the correct Preposition.
a) on
b) within
c) for
d) from
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Neither of the boys …………… honest.
a) are
b) be
c) is
d) were
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The fire force …….. the fire.
a) put up
b) put on
c) put down
d) put out
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He kept me …..
a) to wait
b) waiting
c) waited
d) wait
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I ….. all of Hardy's novels by next year.
a) shall be reading
b) will read
c) shall have read
d) shall have been reading
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I never expected that I would win the first prize so I couldn't believe my ears when they announced My name as the winner. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) adverb
b) adjective
c) verb
d) noun
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It's high time (1)/ you secured a job (2)/ and settled in life (3)/. No error (4)
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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a) miserliness
b) stinginess
c) generosity
d) paucity
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She — an artificial accent to impress others.
a) put out
b) put up
c) put on
d) put in
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He would buy a car ……
a) if he had had the money
b) if he has the money
c) if he have the money
d) if he had the money
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A chemical works ……… a lot of pollution.
a) cause
b) causes
c) are causing
d) none of these
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The burglar…….me with a knife
a) came upon
b) came across
c) came by
d) came at
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) My friends insisted /
b) that I should see the movie/
c) from beginning to the end /
d) No error
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Harish has ………. to drinking
a) taken to
b) taken up
c) taken in
d) taken on
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The woman __________________ the bus, went upstairs and sat down.
a) turned on
b) got off
c) got on
d) none of this
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The expression 'Root and branch' means:
a) Both sides
b) completely
c) Roughly
d) partly
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Do not bite off more than you can chew.
a) over and above
b) beyond my capacity
c) try to do too much
d) bad fall
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She hardly remembers anything, ………..?
a) doesn't she
b) is she
c) does she
d) isn't she
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Combine the sentences into a Complex sentence Walk quickly, or you will not reach the station in time
a) Unless you walk quickly you will not reach the station in time.
b) Walking quickly you will reach the station in time
c) Walk quickly and you will reach the station in time
d) You will not reach the station in time even if you walk quickly
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