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General English Exam Practice – 33

The Indirect form of – The policeman said to the old lady, “What can I do for you?”

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The plural form of 'Handful'
a) Handsful
b) Handfuls
c) Handfulls
d) Handsfuls
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Pick out the correct sentence:
a) I am superior than him
b) I am superior than he
c) I am superior to him
d) I am more superior to him
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The Indirect form of – The policeman said to the old lady, “What can I do for you?”
a) The policeman asked the old lady what he could do for her.
b) The policeman asked the old lady what can he do for her.
c) The policeman asked the old lady what could he do for her.
d) The policeman asked the old lady what he could do for you.
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After her husband's death, she learnt to live …….. her means.
a) in
b) on
c) within
d) from
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Endless time
a) Era
b) Eternity
c) Centuries
d) Immortal
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United we _______, divided we fall
a) gather
b) combine
c) stand
d) strong
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Many a cup and saucer ……. been broken.
a) have
b) has
c) is
d) are
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He is …. honourable judge of …. Supreme Court.
a) a, an
b) an, the
c) the, an
d) a, the
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Teacher said to us, “Read this passage” – Change to reported speech
a) Teacher told us read that passage
b) Teacher told us read this passage
c) Teacher told us to read this passage
d) Teacher told us to read that passage
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I did not go to the show ………I had already seen it.
a) until
b) because
c) SO
d) but
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The children are …….. today than they were yesterday.
a) more happy
b) happier
c) happy
d) most happy
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Advising him is like casting pearls before swine. The idiom means
a) to spend a lot of time
b) to offer something valuable or good to someone who does not know its value
c) to offer something to a person
d) to offer timely help
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…. horse is ….. noble animal.
a) the, the
b) a, the
c) the, a
d) an, the
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A disease confined to a particular place/area.
a) sporadic disease
b) epidemic disease
c) endemic disease
d) pandemic disease
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An animal with hundred legs:
a) Centipede
b) Millipede
c) Millennium
d) Decade
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A bed of roses
a) A complicated situation
b) A hard situation
c) Beautiful garden
d) A pleasant situation
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My camera is superior ……. yours
a) than
b) to
c) more than
d) the
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The meeting — next week. Use the correct tense
a) is hold
b) hold
c) will held
d) will be held
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You should get your license renewed at once ……………. pay a fine.
a) or
b) nor
c) but
d) neither
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Contrary to law.
a) Illegal
b) Illegible
c) Illiterate
d) Illogical
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Antonym of AMELIORATE:
a) worsen
b) improve
c) block
d) horrible
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I …………. you are wrong.
a) think
b) thinks
c) thought
d) are thinking
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) We discussed about the problem so thoroughly/
b) on the eve of the examination/
c) that I found it very easy to work out./
d) No error
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They say that they would pay up.
a) does
b) do
c) did
d) have
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One word for the 'loss of the sense of smell' is:
a) anosmia
b) amnesia
c) dementia
d) agoraphobia
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