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General English Exam Practice – 32

Perhaps she will agree with it. Who knows? [She agree with it.]

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The Plural form of Melody
a) Melodious
b) Melodys
c) Melodies
d) Melodyse
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I…the Dictionary for the word.
a) Looked over
b) looked up
c) looked at
d) looked up to
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Perhaps she will agree with it. Who knows? [She agree with it.]
a) will
b) is to
c) may
d) must
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The government accused the drugmaker for bribing doctors and hospital officials to increase its sales
a) of
b) to
c) with
d) No Improvement
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A period of thousand years.
a) Decade
b) Century
c) Fortnight
d) Millennium
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She asked where I.. … going.
a) am
b) was
c) have
d) have been
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They live in …………… apartment in …………… city.
a) a, the
b) an, the
c) an, a
d) the, an
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When she was not selected for the dance programme she lost heart. The idiom means
a) became angry
b) had a heart attack
c) felt sad
d) became discouraged
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Change into Indirect Speech – Rima said to me, “Have your parents returned from Delhi?”
a) Rima enquired me if her parents had returned from Delhi.
b) Rima asked me if my parents had returned from Delhi.
c) Rima said to me that my parents have returned from Delhi.
d) Rima told me that her parents had returned from Delhi.
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He told me that he……
a) is disappointed
b) has dissapointed
c) was disappointed
d) is disappointing
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What is the meaning of the phrase 'fait accompli':
a) with prayers
b) in your presence
c) best wishes
d) an accomplished fact
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We can’t live without water, ………..?
a) could we?
b) can’t we?
c) can we?
d) isn’t it?
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All his classmates are senior ……. …him.
a) to
b) than
c) for
d) by
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The Feminine gender of 'Heir'
a) Heiress
b) Hairess
c) Hire
d) Heires
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To move out of one’s own coutnry
a) emigrate
b) immigrate
c) asylum
d) voyage
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We have plenty of time,
a) isn't it
b) haven't we
c) doesn't we
d) didn't we
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Sita is so hot tempered that she has …….. friends.
a) few
b) a few
c) lot of
d) a lot of
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When I reached there, they
a) have gone
b) had gone
c) have been gone
d) had been gone
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A. ….. of grass. Pick out the Collective term.
a) strand
b) tissue
c) blade
d) piece
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a) simplistic : guileless
b) moralistic : principled
c) positivistic : experimental
d) biased : prejudiced
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a) illogical: upset
b) cogent:convince
c) risky : avoid
d) fluent: refine
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Choose the correct conditional sentence from the following:
a) If you buy a BMW car, it would cost you a lot of money.
b) If you boughta BMW car, it will cost you a lot of money.
c) If you buy a BMW car, it would have cost you a lot of money.
d) If you had bought a BMW car, it would have cost you a lot of money
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I have seen many people falling prey to his ………….
a) sticky tongue
b) sugary tongue
c) oily tongue
d) none of these
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Water is made up of two _______ , namely oxygen and hydrogen
a) section
b) aspects
c) solutions
d) elements
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Organized groups of lion families
a) Stable
b) Den
c) Lair
d) Pride
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