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General English Exam Practice – 30


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Antonym of 'Gambol'
a) misplace
b) trudge
c) hedge
d) crone
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He was released from hospital yesterday
a) freed
b) dismissed
c) discharged
d) No Improvement
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The actor has been missing …. yesterday.
a) from
b) for
c) since
d) at
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Bread and butter ……… my favourite dish.
a) are
b) is
c) will be
d) would be
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Which is not correctly matched?
a) doves: moo
b) elephants: trumpet
c) flies: buzz
d) frogs: croak
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a) parochial
b) dangerous
c) beneficial
d) permanent
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Synonym of 'Venerate'
a) Revere
b) Ordain
c) Breathe
d) Polish
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Find the correctly spelt word
a) ocurred
b) occurred
c) occurrd
d) occured
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I am shocked — the bad news. Use infinitive.
a) heard
b) to hear
c) hearing
d) hear
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I think I am right, …………?
a) aren't I
b) am I
c) doesn't
d) don't
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No sound, but the singing of the birds ……. heard.
a) were
b) was
c) are
d) have
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Would you mind if I ………….. early?
a) would left
b) left
c) was left
d) would leave
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Doctor said to him, “Stop smoking.”
a) Doctor told him to stop smoking
b) Doctor told him stop smoking,
c) Doctor told him stopping smoking
d) Doctor told him to stopping smoking
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A Computers is hard to repair as there may be hundreds of different ______
a) parts
b) objects
c) components
d) materials
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A cultured person does not nurse a grudge against anyone.
a) to bear ill will
b) to be afraid of consequences
c) to take revenge
d) to harm someone
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) If you lend him a book/
b) he will lend it to someone elsel
c) and never you will get it back./
d) No error.
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Tittle-tattle' means.
a) argument
b) gossip
c) confusion
d) sudden
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I am accustomed …. …… this dog in the park every day.
a) to see
b) to seeing
c) seeing
d) see
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Antonym of STUBBORN:
a) easygoing
b) cute
c) friendly
d) shy
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Choose the proper sequence of the sentence jumbled up: The fact P: that man is ignorant of his own self Q: must not be allowed R: to cloud the other fact S: that man has reached the moon
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The social worker took …. the cause of the poor people.
a) out
b) up
c) off
d) in
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Sound made by a hummingbird:
a) bellow
b) hum
c) mew
d) chirp
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He is very active he ………
a) has a finger in every pie
b) throws up the sponge
c) makes a mountain out of a molehill
d) talks through his hat
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Synonym of ELUCIDATE:
a) express
b) expand
c) clarify
d) qualify
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Synonym of ASSASSIN:
a) victim
b) slayer
c) recorder
d) heroid
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