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General English Exam Practice – 3

If we finish our work QUICKLY we can go to the movies. [Part of speech of capitalized]

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Change into the Active Voice > She is being congratulated by the President.
a) The President is congratulating her
b) The President congratulated her
c) The President was congratulating her
d) The President congratulates her
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Is the building ……against fire?
a) ensured
b) assured
c) insured
d) dissuade
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Anger leads to ……
a) violent
b) violently
c) in violent
d) violence
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The Comparative Degree of: Asha is not so intelligent as Nisha.
a) Nisha is more intelligent than Asha.
b) Asha is less intelligent than Nisha.
c) Nisha is very intelligent.
d) Asha is not intelligent.
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The Comparative Degree of: Manju is the cleverest girl in the class.
a) No other girl in the class is as clever as Manju.
b) Manju is cleverer than any other girl in the class.
c) Manju is cleverer than most other girls in the class.
d) Manju is cleverer than many other girls in the class.
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My fingers were injured so my sister had to write the note ………… me.
a) for
b) with
c) to
d) on
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Put up with something or somebody unpleasant
a) Allow
b) Resist
c) Defy
d) Endure
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They need to see the principal, …………?
a) needn't they
b) don't they
c) do they
d) need they
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A person qualified to diagnose and treat foot disorders.
a) psychiatrist
b) physiologist
c) pediatrician
d) podiatrist
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a) rudder:anchor
b) boat: barge
c) courtyard : terrace
d) door: room
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spontaneous : extrovert
a) burnished : surface
b) idle : machinery
c) contaminated : water
d) polished : metal
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The Idiom 'Sick as a parrot' means:
a) Very happy
b) Very angry
c) Very thin
d) Very annoyed
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Setting fire to property purposely. Pick out the One word.
a) Mugging
b) Firing
c) Shooting
d) Arson
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a) perplexing : tangle
b) garbled : comprehend
c) liberated : free
d) erased : inspire
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Antonym of AMPLE
a) spacious
b) large
c) meagre
d) current
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You will spoil it ……. Complete the sentence.
a) if you were not careful
b) if you had not been careful
c) if you would not be careful
d) if you are not careful
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Throw in the towel
a) Make all possible effort
b) Ussing any means
c) Accept defeat
d) Ignore others
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Synonym of 'Hustle'
a) busy
b) trip
c) clean
d) hurry
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Which of the following is an 'Adjective'?
a) Encourage
b) Courage
c) Courageous
d) Courageously
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It's difficult ______ reconcile such different points of view
a) with
b) to
c) in
d) on
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……. customer has a right to know where products are made.
a) A
b) An
c) The
d) None of the above
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Will you please wait…. ….. what he decides to do?
a) to see
b) seeing
c) see
d) to seeing
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If we finish our work QUICKLY we can go to the movies. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) adverb
b) conjunction
c) verb
d) adjective
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The boys were flying kites. Choose the Passive Voice.
a) Kites were being flown by the boys
b) Kites are flown by the boys.
c) Kites are been flown by the boys
d) Kites were flying by the boys
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) On my request /
b) Shameem introduced me /
c) to his friend /
d) who is a singer and a scientist /
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