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General English Exam Practice – 27

We met rather few people who spoke English

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Which one of the following sentences is a compound sentence?
a) She has lost the book which she had purchased
b) Having purchased a book, she has lost it.
c) She had purchased a book and she has lost it.
d) The book that she had purchased has been lost
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Change into Indirect Speech – He said, “What a brilliant idea!”
a) He exclaimed that it was a very brilliant idea.
b) He exclaimed what a brilliant idea it was.
c) He wondered that it was a brilliant idea.
d) He said that what a brilliant idea it was.
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What did she ask YOU to do? [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) conjunction
b) preposition
c) pronoun
d) noun
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The captain of the ship sent S.O.S.
a) a
b) the
c) an
d) none of these
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One who eats too much
a) Obsolete
b) Glutton
c) Sacrilege
d) Illegible
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We met rather few people who spoke English.
a) simple sentence
b) complex sentence
c) compound sentence
d) compound-complex sentence
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The phrase “bona fides” means:
a) from office
b) to the end
c) good faith
d) reminder
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The children are playing ……….. the garden.
a) on
b) between
c) in
d) to
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The President was specially happy to visit the school because it was his:
a) sine die
b) alma mater
c) bona fide
d) prima facie
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) An Indian ship/
b) laden with merchandise/
c) got drowned in the Pacific Ocean./
d) No error
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Change into Indirect Speech > She said, “my parents are going to Shimla”
a) She said that my parents are going to Shimla
b) She said that her parents are going to Shimla
c) She said that her parents were going to Shimla
d) She said that her parents will be going to Shimla
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In …….. evening I go for a walk.
a) the
b) an
c) a
d) none of these
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Let us not buy that car, ……
a) do we?
b) didn't you?
c) shan't we?
d) shall we?
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He has been complaining that his brother comes seldom to meet him.( find out which part of the sentance have errors)
a) has been
b) complaining
c) his brother
d) seldom comes
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A person who readily believes others:
a) creditable
b) credulous
c) credible
d) sensitive
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…. ice cream, we had fruit salad.
a) over
b) beside
c) from
d) besides
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The Latin word 'magnum opus' means:
a) with bad faith
b) a worthless fellow
c) at my own risk
d) a great work
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The first five seats are …………… for senior citizens.
a) set in
b) set apart
c) set aside
d) set in
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……. you ever been to Kashmir?
a) Were
b) Have
c) Had
d) Did
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One who is more interested in himself/herself
a) Arrogant
b) Extrovert
c) Introvert
d) Timid
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The foreign word 'Modus Operandi' means:
a) plan of working
b) A pen name
c) way of living
d) by this very fact
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a) resemble
b) differ
c) distinguish
d) similar
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Change into Passive Voice – They kept me waiting
a) I am kept waiting.
b) I was kept waiting.
c) I was being kept waiting.
d) I had been kept waiting.
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The expression 'vox populi, vox deo' means:
a) The more, the merrier
b) The voice of the people is the voice of God
c) Population explosion is a serious threat to humanity
d) Man proposes, but God disposes
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The habit of listening secretly to what other people are saying.
a) spying
b) spelling
c) eavesdropping
d) mumbling
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