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General English Exam Practice – 26

A fictitious name assumed by a writer

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She looks …….. people who cannot speak English.
a) down on
b) down to
c) down for
d) down of
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a) lobby: assistance
b) decorate : appearance
c) affirm : conviction
d) expiate : sin
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She ………….. because she's late for her lesson.
a) runs
b) running
c) has been running
d) is running
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She spoke …….. a whisper
a) in
b) by
c) to
d) for
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If I …………… the opportunity, I would have gone to university.
a) had
b) had had
c) will have
d) has had
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I tell you (1)/ comedians are immensely popular (2)/ with school children (3)/. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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No sooner had the match (1)/ begun then (2)/ it began to rain (3)7. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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A fictitious name assumed by a writer
a) pseudonym
b) title
c) second name
d) nickname
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I can't hear her because her children ……… too much noise.
a) make
b) are making
c) made
d) has made
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Age and experience ……. wisdom to man.
a) has been bringing
b) bring
c) brings
d) have brought
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A speech delivered without preparation is
a) extempore
b) straightforward
c) verbose
d) maiden
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Is the flight delayed? the passenger asked the man at the counter. (Change into Indirect Speech)
a) The passenger enquired of the man at the counter whether the flight was delayed.
b) The passenger asked to the man at the counter whether the flight is delayed.
c) The passenger enquired the man at the counter whether the flight is delayed.
d) The passenger wanted to know at the counter whether the flight is delayed.
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……….. a loud noise I turned around.
a) Heard
b) Hear
c) By hearing
d) Hearing
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If you invited me,
a) would have come
b) would come
c) will come
d) would be coming
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Choose the sentence which has the correct order in the position of adverbs:
a) Mohan went to the office at 9 o'clock yesterday
b) Mohan went at 9 o'clock to the office yesterday
c) Mohan went at 9 o'clock yesterday to the office
d) Yesterday at 9 o'clock Mohan went to the office
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The girl ran _______ the field when she saw her father after long time
a) in
b) across
c) on
d) along
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Zenith (Find the suitable alternative)
a) climax
b) sharp
c) bravery
d) bright
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………….the table was spread; the guests took their seats.
a) As soon as
b) As well as
c) Until
d) Although
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He was found guilty………. .. he was dismissed.
a) yet
b) but
c) still
d) therefore
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I would really _________ if you could help me out
a) respect
b) value
c) appreciate
d) regard
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To get into the building I'll disguise as a reporter
a) disguise to be
b) disguise as one
c) disguise myself
d) No Improvement
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Which part of the following sentence is incorrect?
a) The film
b) that I watched yesterday
c) is about a young lady
d) who was a famous actress
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Everyone was present yesterday, …………?
a) was they
b) wasn't they
c) were they
d) weren't they
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) In spite of the best governmental efforts,/
b) the emission of green-house gases and noxious chemicals/
c) remain a cause of worry./
d) No error
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You should guard against your ……. Use the right Idiom.
a) green-eyed friends
b) blue-eyed friends
c) white-eyed friends
d) pale-eyed friends
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