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General English Exam Practice – 25

The teacher assured the student that she will …….. the matter

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I told him that I could invest some money in a joint venture with him, but as I was busy with my own projects I could only be a ……..
a) visiting partner
b) half partner
c) sleeping partner
d) inactive partner
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Your boss would consider you if …
a) You were punctual
b) You are punctual
c) you had been punctual
d) you have been punctual
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Correct the following sentence where necessary: It is high time he improves his behaviour
a) It is high time he improved his behaviour
b) It is high time he will improve his behaviour
c) It was high time he improves his behaviour
d) It was high time he will improve his behaviour
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' Have you seen __________________ books ?
a) they're
b) their
c) there
d) none of this
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Antonym of ACQUIT
a) acquire
b) quit
c) release
d) convict
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) A sharp fall in international prices of tea/
b) have lead tea plantation workers/
c) in Kerala to face starvation/
d) No error
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Antonym of EXPEDITE
a) delay
b) hurry
c) exhibit
d) haste
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I do not like to intrude _______ your privacy
a) to
b) at
c) into
d) upon
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Students stood up as the teacher entered ……. the class.
a) in
b) into
c) through
d) no preposition
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She ………….. playing the piano when I entered her room.
a) was
b) is
c) has
d) has been
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The teacher assured the student that she will …….. the matter.
a) look away
b) look into
c) look after
d) look through
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A fish out of water
a) To reveal a secret
b) In a dry environment
c) One in uncomfortable situation
d) Know somthing secret
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I am busy, …….
a) am I?
b) do I?
c) am I not?
d) aren’t I?
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As you sow, …………. Complete the proverb.
a) you reap
b) you will reap
c) so, you reap
d) you can reap
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…….. you go please let me know
a) whoever
b) whatever
c) where
d) Wherever
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The broken window ……… the thief's entrance.
a) felicitated
b) facilitated
c) invited
d) settled
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We __________________ barbecues and parties with friends, late at night
a) can have
b) can having
c) can to have
d) none of this
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She visits her friends rarely, ……
a) Doesn't she?
b) Does she?
c) Will she?
d) Can't she?
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I took that person… a police officer.
a) to
b) for
c) by
d) of
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The Comparative degree of: Very few countries are as rich as America.
a) America is richer than any other country.
b) America is one of the richest countries.
c) America is very rich.
d) America is richer than most other countries.
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Pigeons …
a) bleat
b) moo
c) chirp
d) Coo
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The sound produced by crows is …
a) craw
b) crow
c) croak
d) caws
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The synonym of the word – MENACE
a) Threat
b) Warning
c) Inspiration
d) Experience
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Sound made by deer:
a) quack
b) bark
c) bell
d) chant
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Of the two sisters, Gayathri and Theertha, Gayathri is the ………….. attractive.
a) more
b) most
c) much
d) very
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