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General English Exam Practice – 24

I left my shoes UNDER the kitchen table. [Part of speech of capitalized]

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You had better ….. as I suggest. Choose the right alternative.
a) write
b) to write
c) written
d) would write
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a) shapeless
b) without
c) inflexible
d) angry
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We've only got half a bottle of milk. That __________________ for 5 people.
a) isn't many
b) isn't enough
c) isn't any
d) none of this
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I left my shoes UNDER the kitchen table. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) adjective
b) preposition
c) pronoun
d) adverb
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He played ducks and drakes with the money he inherited. The idiom means
a) deposited it in a bank
b) gambled the money
c) wasted the money
d) invested it in shares
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'Carpe diem' means:
a) enjoy the present day
b) best day
c) unrestricted authority
d) a hated thing
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All people don't follow traffic rules. The Passive form:
a) Traffic rules are not followed by all people
b) Traffic rules are followed by all people
c) Traffic rules follow all people
d) Traffic rules are not following all people
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All In The Same Boat
a) Everyone facing same challenges
b) To avoid talking
c) Doing something special
d) Travelling on same vehicle
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This was not done by her. The Active Voice is:
a) She did not do this
b) She did not done this
c) She has not done this
d) She will not do this
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The man was turned down by a car
a) brought down
b) knocked down
c) pulled down
d) No Improvement
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Girls like boys to flatter them. [ Change into the Passive Voice ]
a) Girls are liked to be flattered by boys
b) Girls like that boys should flatter them
c) Boys are liked by girls to flatter them
d) Girls like to be flattered by boys
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A speed hump is put on the main road to …. accidents.
a) prohibit
b) avoid
c) forbid
d) prevent
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Of his two sons, Raghu is the ….
a) taller
b) tallest
c) tall
d) taller than
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He said, “What a charming place it is!” The Indirect speech is:
a) He exclaimed that it was a charming place
b) He said that it is a charming place
c) He exclaimed that what a charming place it was
d) He told that the place is charming Get upset and cry.
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The feminine gender of widower is [Select opposite word]
a) widow
b) madam
c) maiden
d) lass
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The mother divided the sweets …….. her children.
a) among
b) in
c) between
d) with
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a) diffused : gas
b) hardened: pressure
c) purified : distillate
d) abraded : friction
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I remember —– the door behind me.
a) closing
b) to close
c) close
d) closed
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Which is not correctly matched?
a) goats: bleat
b) sheep: bleat
c) doves: coo
d) cattle: squeak
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I hate …. in a long queue.
a) to wait
b) waiting
c) wait
d) to waiting
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No news ……… good news.
a) was
b) is
c) were
d) will be
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I bought this new software ………………. Chinese.
a) learn
b) to learn
c) learning
d) to learning
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The toy was very attractive, but nobody knew its 'mode of operation':
a) locus standi
b) in toto
c) modus operandi
d) pro tempore
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It is …… to speak than act.
a) easy
b) easier
c) easiest
d) more easier
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Choose the word which describes the sound produced by snakes:
a) growl
b) bleat
c) bray
d) hiss
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