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General English Exam Practice – 23

Although he was tired (1), but he still (2)/went on working (3)/. No error

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….. stitch in time saves nine.
a) The
b) An
c) A
d) No article
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The foreign language that I like —— is French.
a) mostly
b) most
c) lately
d) late
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The last part of a speech:
a) conclusion
b) epilogue
c) peroration
d) prologue
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Some people do not like ……. milk.
a) an
b) a
c) the
d) no article
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He is the …….. boy in the camp.
a) eldest
b) older
c) oldest
d) elder
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Latha is very clumsy, she always …. juice on her dress.
a) spills
b) pours
c) lets
d) drops
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I will go to Chicago after ………….. finished my work here.
a) has
b) have
c) had
d) had had
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We took ……. unanimous decision.
a) the
b) an
c) a
d) none of these
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Her intimate friend proved to be a snake in the grass. (Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idiom/phrase)
a) low and mean
b) a hidden enemy
c) brutal
d) unreliable
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Although he was tired (1), but he still (2)/went on working (3)/. No error (4)
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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He worked hard and……….. the examination
a) got on
b) got through
c) got up
d) got off
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I have to …………….with him.
a) score an account
b) settle an account
c) settle a score
d) settle a matter
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Spot the Error
a) She wore a necklace
b) to the party
c) that was more beautiful
d) than the other girls.
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The book —- to describe his experiences in the army.
a) goes over
b) goes on
c) goes through
d) goes for
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I returned with……
a) all my luggages
b) all mine luggages
c) all luggage of mine
d) all my luggage
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While visiting Egypt I went to see ……. Nile.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) no article
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I …. my friend in the park.
a) came by
b) came out
c) came of
d) came across
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He produced Medical Certificate to abstain …… duties
a) on
b) of
c) from
d) in
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I had just finished lunch when the phone …..
a) rang
b) had rung
c) is ringing
d) will ring
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I met …….. one-eyed man in the museum.
a) a
b) the
c) an
d) none of these
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She will make all arrangements for the party. The Passive voice is:
a) All arrangements for the party will be made by her
b) All arrangements for the party will being made by her
c) All arrangements for the party will made by her
d) All arrangements for the party will been made by her
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Every weekend, we put the trash can ……….. for garbage collection.
a) up
b) at
c) into
d) out
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I told her that……
a) she had done a good job
b) she have done a good job
c) she is done a good job
d) she had been done a good job
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June offers __________________ of the year, that is great !
a) the longest days
b) the most long days
c) the days longest
d) none of this
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Did he known more about the company policies, he might not have accepted the offer
a) Had he known more
b) Since not more was known
c) He had known more
d) No Improvement
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