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General English Exam Practice – 21

Two minutes ago the child was fast asleep, but now he is wide awake

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The committee rejected the proposal they did not think it was practical.
a) or
b) but
c) though
d) because
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I cannot understand how you can doubt the truth of what he said.( find out which part of the sentance have errors)
a) I cannot
b) you can
c) the truth
d) he said
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The word 'albeit' means —
a) although
b) because
c) whenever
d) however
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The collision between the scooter and the car caused a lot of…….to both
a) damage
b) damages
c) damaging
d) damagings
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It was …………… unanimous decision taken by department of Law.
a) an, the
b) the, an
c) the, a
d) a, the
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Neither of us ……. going for the marriage.
a) are
b) were
c) am
d) is
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If you had lived close by………..
a) I would have visited you
b) I would visit you
c) I will visit you
d) I could visit you
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a) step : ladder
b) stalk : plant
c) water : bowl
d) outskirts : town
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I would attend the party if you …..
a) Invited me
b) invites
c) Had invited
d) will invite
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A person who does not believe in the existence of God:
a) theist
b) atheist
c) ascetic
d) agnostic
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Synonym of CIRCUMVENT:
a) round
b) open
c) clever
d) avoid
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Two minutes ago the child was fast asleep, but now he is wide awake.
a) simple sentence
b) complex sentence
c) compound sentence
d) compound-complex sentence
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Which of the following is an incorrect statement?
a) My brother is a teacher in UAE
b) Let's go shopping
c) Don't write in red ink
d) Kindly consult the teacher concerned
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At half-time the team thought they ……………. a good chance to win.
a) have
b) have had
c) had had
d) had
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I am not good at football. [I ……….. play football.]
a) cannot
b) must not
c) have not
d) should not have
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Extreme old age when a person behaves like a fool
a) dotage
b) imbecility
c) senility
d) superannuation
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He works in …. university in …. Netherlands.
a) a, the
b) the, a
c) an, the
d) the, the
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Hardly had I reached the station…..the train left.
a) then
b) when
c) than
d) soon
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He was hanged …. murder.
a) by
b) for
c) over
d) beside
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As you are already here, you can surely do the work. (Convert into a simple sentence)
a) You are already here and you can surely do the work
b) Being here already, you can surely do the work
c) You are already here so that you can surely do the work
d) You can surely do the work as you are already here
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Spot the Error
a) If I realized
b) her bad condition
c) I would have done something
d) to help her.
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When I called on Veena she a sweater.
a) was knitting
b) is knitting
c) has been knitting
d) knitted
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Once in a blue moon, we meet each other.
a) frequently
b) sometimes
c) very seldom indeed
d) almost always
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I am doing my duty now, he said. The indirect form is:
a) He said that he was doing his duty now
b) He said that he was doing his duty then
c) He said that I was doing my duty now
d) He said that he is doing his duty then
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The sorting was done by the machine. The Active Voice is:
a) Machine will do the sorting
b) Machine did the sorting
c) Machine had done the sorting
d) Machine done the sorting
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