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General English Exam Practice – 20

The Superlative Degree of: December is colder than any other month of the year

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If you wish to enjoy the world's pleasures, you must also …….. its pains.
a) deny
b) neglect
c) ignore
d) endure
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The Idiom 'At home' means:
a) Worried
b) Excited
c) Assured
d) Relaxed
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The Superlative Degree of: December is colder than any other month of the year.
a) December is very cold.
b) December is the coldest month of the year.
c) December is most cold.
d) No other month is colder than December.
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Lasting only for a short while
a) transparent
b) temporary
c) temperate
d) temporal
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I shall talk to him when I reach my office. (Convert into a simple sentence)
a) Let me reach my office and then I shall talk to him.
b) On reaching my office, I shall talk to him.
c) I shall talk to him if I reach my office.
d) I shall reach my office, so I shall talk to him.
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Select Correct Word
a) Physiology
b) Phisyology
c) Physiollogy
d) Phesiology
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He doesn't usually watch TV but he ……… TV tonight because of the election results.
a) will watch
b) is watching
c) should watch
d) can watch
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They lost (1)/ many of their property (2)/ during the floods (3)7. No error (4)
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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He is ……. honourable man.
a) a
b) an
c) some
d) most
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Synonym of BANISH:
a) exile
b) hate
c) fade
d) clean
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The number of soldiers killed in the war……. not large.
a) were
b) was
c) be
d) is
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The children will be very happy …..
a) if you had spoken a few words
b) if you spoke a few words
c) if you have spoken a few words
d) if you speak a few words
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You had better …. the fine.
a) pay
b) to pay
c) paying
d) paid
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A short story about a real person event
a) fable
b) parable
c) anecdote
d) legend
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The assignment was done…… haste.
a) by
b) in
c) on
d) with
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Identify the sentence 'Look befor you leap':
a) interrogative sentence
b) imperative sentence
c) declarative sentence
d) exclamatory sentence
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Tie the knot
a) To get married
b) To get educated
c) To hit someone
d) To be turned away
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A ……… of bananas
a) bundle
b) comb
c) pack
d) band
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Get rid of
a) Invite somenone
b) Attend an occasion
c) To begin to do something
d) Dispose of
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The Comparative Degree of > Tagore is the greatest Indian poet.
a) Indian poets are not as great as Tagore.
b) No other Indian poet is as great as Tagore.
c) Tagore is greater than other Indian poets.
d) Tagore is greater than any other Indian poet.
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Have some more rice, ………….?
a) aren't you
b) don't you
c) haven't you
d) won't you
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Kamala said, 'I am late.'
a) Kamala said that she is late
b) Kamala said that she will be late
c) Kamala said that she would be late
d) Kamala said that she was late
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Much pains ……. being taken.
a) are
b) is
c) were
d) had
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a) essential
b) unnecessary
c) negligible
d) wonderful
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The word opposite in meaning to the word 'fusion' is:
a) mission
b) fission
c) vision
d) passion
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