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General English Exam Practice – 2

My grandfather has never flown in an airplane; … does he want to fly in one.

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Does her name begining with …….F?
a) a
b) the
c) an
d) none of these
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Sound made by stags:
a) coo
b) moo
c) doodoo
d) bellow
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The light of the lantern……..the snake
a) exposed
b) displayed
c) disclosed
d) revealed
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My grandfather has never flown in an airplane; … does he want to fly in one.
a) neither
b) nor
c) Either could be used
d) Neither could be used here
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Socrates said, 'Virtue is its own reward:
a) Socrates said that virtue had its own rewards.
b) Socrates says that virtue is its own rewards.
c) Socrates said that virtue is its own rewards.
d) Socrates said that virtue was its own rewards.
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Let me have a look, …………?
a) do you
b) will you
c) have you
d) haven't you
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He said that he ………… arrive the following day.
a) would
b) will
c) can
d) will have
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She has worked here for …….. year.
a) the
b) a
c) an
d) none of these
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Always leave two-Inch blank on the bottom of each page for teacher's remarks
a) gap
b) margin
c) border
d) No Improvement
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Had he been decent (1)/ he would not behave (2)/ like this (3)/. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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It is not a good hotel ……….. it is very expensive there.
a) beside
b) until
c) besides
d) yet
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Did you come from Kannur? said Vijay to the girl.
a) Vijay asked the girl if she had come from Kannur
b) Vijay asked the girl if she comes from Kannur
c) Vijay asked the girl if she is coming from Kannur
d) Vijay asked the girl did she come from Kannur
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I __________________ in Paris some years ago.
a) livest
b) living
c) lived
d) none of this
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A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm and dry weather
a) petrichor
b) musty
c) fragrant
d) lavender
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Which is the ………. city of India?
a) big
b) biggest
c) bigger
d) most biggest
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A political system in which a state is ruled by a king or queen:
a) monarchy
b) nomarchy
c) thearchy
d) anarchy
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From the following sentence choose the one which is incorrect:
a) My spectacles are on the table
b) The students as well as their teacher are responsible
c) My neighbour with all his children have returned
d) Politics is his favourite subject
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I will come this afternoon' Mary said. Mary said……
a) she would come this afternoon
b) she will come that afternoon
c) she would come that afternoon
d) she would be coming that afternoon
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Neither he nor his friend … arived
a) is
b) has
c) have
d) was
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We remained indoors …… it rained.
a) as soon as
b) as long as
c) unless
d) as if
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His dismissal came as a bolt from the blue. (Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the idiom/phrase)
a) sudden and unexpected
b) out of turn
c) deliberate
d) proud achievement
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Do it again……….?
a) don't you?
b) do you?
c) will you?
d) can you?
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Give one word for 'cause to feel shame'
a) Purify
b) Mortify
c) Sterile
d) Muting
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Every boy and girl ….. the offer tendered by the sales executive.
a) accepts
b) accept
c) shall accept
d) shall be accepting
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Synonym of AFFLUENT:
a) fluent
b) poor
c) inarticulate
d) rich
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