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General English Exam Practice – 19

A form of government in which power is held by the nobility:

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In quick time she got acquainted with the new environment
a) enough time
b) small time
c) no time
d) No Improvement
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Synonym of OPULENCE:
a) riches
b) bank balance
c) cash
d) money
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The committee —- to postpone the meeting until June 10.
a) said
b) suggested
c) advised SES
d) agreed
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The weather is ………. gloomier today than it was yesterday.
a) more
b) very
c) much
d) many
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'Certainly not, I've just seen __________________ football shoes in the hall'.
a) he's
b) his
c) is
d) none of this
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Synonym of 'Pretension'
a) Strife
b) Stress
c) ambition
d) Waste
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A form of government in which power is held by the nobility:
a) autocracy
b) barbarocracy
c) chrysocracy
d) aristocracy
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The plural form of alumna is ..
a) alumnae
b) alumni
c) alumnas
d) alumnaes
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Talking disrespectfully of sacred things
a) blasphemy
b) heresy
c) atheism
d) apostasy
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It is getting …………… day by day
a) hotter and hotter
b) hottest and hotter
c) hotter and hottest
d) hottest and hottest
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……is a social animal.
a) Man
b) A man
c) The man
d) Everyman
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Hit the hay
a) Go to bed
b) Go to play
c) Go to bath
d) Going to school
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Change into Active Voice – Pictures were being drawn by the children.
a) The children draw pictures.
b) The children drew pictures.
c) The children were drawing pictures.
d) The children have been drawing pictures.
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Select Correct Word
a) Halloween
b) Haloween
c) Halooween
d) Hallowen
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_______________ lucky not to have been injured in the accident
a) your
b) you're
c) another
d) none of this
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Parental property has become a bone of contention between the siblings.
a) cause of quarrel
b) cause of rivalry
c) unifying factor
d) cause of love
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When I reached the office the Manager …..
a) had gone
b) was leaving
c) was gone
d) has gone
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a) traditional
b) ideal
c) liberal
d) formal
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His arrogant behavior with others has left him high and dry.
a) to be penniless
b) to be very sick
c) to be very famous
d) isolated
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…….. coffee, we had cookies.
a) over
b) beside
c) from
d) besides
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One word for: a substance to keep down evil smell
a) perfume
b) deodorant
c) fragrance
d) scent
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Synonym of 'Facile'
a) vindictive
b) Ability
c) Section
d) Glib
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A disease confined to a particular place/area.
a) sporadic disease
b) epidemic disease
c) endemic disease
d) pandemic disease
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Dentist said, 'I have seen many patients today'.
a) The dentist said that he have seen many patients today.
b) The dentist said that he had seen many patients that day.
c) The dentist said that he has seen many patients that day.
d) The dentist said I had seen many patients that day.
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If you follow my advice,….
a) you won't be in trouble
b) you would not be in trouble
c) you could not be in trouble
d) you should not be in trouble
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