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General English Exam Practice – 16

A person who has experience of many different parts of the world.

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The sound of falcons is ….
a) chant
b) bellow
c) scream
d) hiss
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In which part of the sentence is mistake ?
a) Do these roses in your garden smell/
b) more sweetly
c) than those in ours?
d) No error
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The snow ……… falling all the night
a) is
b) has been
c) have been
d) had
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They ……………. their trip to Delhi.
a) put off
b) put down
c) put by
d) put away
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Combine the sentences into a Compound sentence. The car was damaged. No one was hurt.
a) The car was damaged but no one was hurt.
b) No one was hurt even though the car was damaged
c) The car was damaged and no one was hurt.
d) Despite the car being damaged no one was hurt
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Choose the correct sentence
a) The traffic is stationery
b) The train is latter than usual
c) They are twins, but the latter is shorter
d) She was vomited from the team . By whom can he be beaten.
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Which of the following is not a plural noun?
a) stadia
b) podia
c) data
d) criterion
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He will never leave home because he hasn't got the courage to.
a) simple sentence
b) complex sentence
c) compound sentence
d) compound-complex sentence
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We ……… drink plenty of water because it is very hot.
a) would
b) need
c) dare
d) must
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'Where are you going?' is an example of:
a) interrogative
b) declarative
c) assertive
d) imperative
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He exchanged new lamps ……. old.
a) to
b) by
c) from
d) for
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Let us go for a walk, ………….?
a) do we
b) shall we
c) don't we
d) didn't we
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…… you know where John lives?
a) Have
b) Do
c) Does
d) Had
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If I were you I …….. be careful with my words.
a) will
b) shall
c) would
d) should
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The earth ……… round the sun.
a) move
b) moves
c) moved
d) is moving
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'I shall appreciate it,' he said. He said that …
a) he would appreciate it.
b) he should appreciate it.
c) he could appreciate it.
d) he might appreciate it.
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By age four, Varsha won …… brown belt, …… first degree in Karate.
a) the, the
b) a, the
c) an, the
d) the, a
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A person who has experience of many different parts of the world.
a) metropolitan
b) citizen
c) cosmopolitan
d) denizen
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They finally ……. at midnight.
a) turned on
b) turned in
c) turned around
d) turned up
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________________ is my hat ?
a) where
b) wair
c) we're
d) none of this
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The moon is …… in the sky
a) yet
b) till
c) until
d) still
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Nobody knew what …….. her to commit the crime.
a) roused
b) excited
c) prompted
d) attracted
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Life history of a person written by another
a) Biography
b) Autobiography
c) History
d) Memory
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a) regale : entertain
b) instruct: learn
c) embellish : refresh
d) fascinate : repulse
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The tree fell across the road and became a prevent for cars and trucks
a) an obstacle
b) a hurdle
c) a restriction
d) No Improvement
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