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General English Exam Practice – 15

My friend said to me, ‘Has your father returned from Calcutta?

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It was a very difficult job; nevertheless, he decided to put his ……..
a) shoulder to the wheel
b) arm to the wheel
c) chest to the wheel
d) his feet in it
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Deep rivers move in ….. complete this Proverb
a) silence
b) abundance
c) quickly
d) slowly
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She was happy to be .. ………. friends again.
a) between
b) besides
c) among
d) above
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It isn't polite to ridicule a person, ……..?
a) is it?
b) isn't it?
c) does it?
d) did it?
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I will be very busy lately
a) would be
b) should be
c) have been
d) No Improvement
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When it rains, the grass ………….. wet.
a) will get
b) would get
c) would have got
d) gets
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She said she ……………… to talk to you.
a) didn't want
b) doesn't want
c) was wanting
d) wasn't wanting
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The doctors and the nurse …. together. Choose the right Verb.
a) works
b) work
c) working
d) has worked
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Synonym of METTLE:
a) culpable
b) courage
c) timidity
d) diffident
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The reported speech of He said, 'I have done my homework is:
a) He said that he has done his homework.
b) He said that he was done his homework.
c) He said that he has been done his homework.
d) He said that he had done his homework.
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Synonym of 'Expiation'
a) immigration
b) breathing
c) divergence
d) atonement
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If I had wings I …..
a) would fly
b) can fly
c) may be flying
d) must fly
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She said to him, “Leave me alone.” The indirect speech is:
a) She told him leave her alone
b) She told him to leave her alone
c) She told him to leave me alone
d) She told him left her alone
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My friend said to me, 'Has your father returned from Calcutta?
a) My friend said to me that my father has returned form Calcutta.
b) My friend asked me if my father had returned from Calcutta.
c) My friend told me that his father has returned from Calcutta.
d) My friend enquired me if his father had returned from Calcutta.
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Synonym of 'Propinquity'
a) tendency
b) habit
c) nearness
d) capacity
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As she grew older she gained ……. confidence.
a) on
b) at
c) of
d) in
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He was openly hostile towards his neighbours. [Select opposite word]
a) friendly
b) arrogant
c) unfriendly
d) volatile
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Spot the Error
a) Seema was friendly
b) with her neighbours
c) that she always had someone or the other
d) coming to her house.
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a) useful
b) useless
c) intelligent
d) clever
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I do not know why he has — me Use the correct Phrasal verb.
a) come up
b) set aside
c) turned against
d) turned on
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I __________________ my pen last week. Can I borrow yours ?
a) bought
b) found
c) lost
d) none of this
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Synonym of 'Smite'
a) strike
b) flee
c) dirt
d) mighty
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Many a house ……. razed by the storm.
a) have been
b) has been
c) have
d) has
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The polar bear's diet complete almost entirely of seals and fish
a) consists
b) full of
c) contained in
d) No Improvement
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Antonym of 'Traduce'
a) presuppose
b) deduce
c) laud
d) loaud
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