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General English Exam Practice – 14

In the test, we will _________ your work and then give you detailed feedback

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He will ……..her this evening.
a) call in
b) call on
c) call at
d) call for
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People working in the same department or office
a) fellows
b) colleagues
c) mates
d) companions
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Synonym of 'Unpretentious'
a) insipid
b) clever
c) humble
d) aver
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I thought you ……………… him any longer.
a) went out with
b) are going out with
c) had gone out with
d) weren't going out with
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I can’t hear you because your puppy …. too much noise.
a) makes
b) is making
c) made
d) has made
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He came home sometime. 2 pm and 4 pm.
a) within
b) in
c) between
d) on
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The miscreant hid ….the bushes.
a) between
b) over
c) among
d) below
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In the test, we will _________ your work and then give you detailed feedback
a) assess
b) judge
c) measure
d) check
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Which part of the following sentence is incorrect:
a) The man
b) I met yesterday
c) is a bright student
d) when we were studying at school
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Shyam as well as his parents —— to attend the function.
a) have agreed
b) has agreed
c) is agreed
d) are agreed
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He was …… praised ….. rewarded.
a) both … and
b) either … or
c) as… … as
d) so … as
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The Idiom 'Monkey business' means:
a) Honest behaviour
b) Very naughty
c) Dishonest behaviour
d) Playful
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The act of violating the sanctity of the church:
a) heresy
b) discreation
c) camouflage
d) sacrilege
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Kick the bucket
a) To born
b) To understand
c) To forget
d) To die
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You must be back ………. four o'clock.
a) for
b) to
c) in
d) by
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The Principal as well as his colleagues ……… gone.
a) have
b) will
c) has
d) were
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One who cannot pay his debts
a) Debtor
b) Glazier
c) Inscrutable
d) Insolvent
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The water is slowly coming out,…..?
a) is it?
b) isn't it?
c) did it?
d) didn't it?
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The Indirect form of – I said, ” what a stormy day!”
a) I told that it was a stormy day.
b) I exclaimed that it was a stormy day.
c) I exclaimed with regret that it was a stormy day.
d) I exclaimed that it was very stormy.
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I would not stand this humiliation…….
a) if I am you
b) if I were you
c) if I had been you
d) if I shall be you
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burn the midnight oil means:
a) to work late into the night
b) not to work late into night
c) to work until getting tired
d) to work conveniently
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Courage will — us — difficulties.
a) carry out
b) carry away
c) carry on
d) carry through
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The Plural form of 'Folio'
a) Folios
b) Foliosis
c) Folies
d) Follies
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He told (1)/ that he would not attend the meeting (2)/ as he was bus (3)/. No error (4).
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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Synonym of 'Edict'
a) vacate
b) correction
c) satisfy
d) decree
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