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General English Exam Practice – 13

However hard she may work she cannot pass the examination. (Convert into compoun

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When we get ready for dinner, I have to take my books……….. the table.
a) off
b) from
c) out
d) of
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He evaded to pay income tax. (Choose the correct word for bolded part which may improve the sentence. In case no improvement is needed choose ‘no improvement’)
a) from paying
b) against paying
c) paying
d) no improvement
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Select Correct Word
a) Insurgenci
b) Inssurgency
c) Inchurgency
d) Insurgency
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The nurse put a blanket …….. the sick lady.
a) upon
b) over
c) on
d) above
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…… rich must help the poor.
a) The
b) A
c) An
d) Some
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Large-scale departure of people
a) immigration
b) migration
c) exodus
d) emigration
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Have you ever …… to Canada?
a) gone
b) be
c) been
d) have been
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Bread and butter ……… charged separatedly.
a) is
b) am
c) have
d) are
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However hard she may work she cannot pass the examination. (Convert into compoun
a) Her hard work cannot help her to pass the examination.
b) Unless she works hard she cannot pass the examination
c) She may do as much hard work as she can but she cannot pass the examination.
d) Without hard work she cannot pass the examination.
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Monks lead …… intensely spiritual life.
a) the
b) a
c) an
d) No article
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The facilities of the older playground
a) are good or better than the new one
b) are as good or better than the new playground
c) are as good as or better than the new playground
d) are as good as or better than those of the new playground
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The meaning of 'status quo':
a) the existing condition
b) responsibility
c) experience
d) ability to lend
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To come clean
a) Cleaning a place
b) No idea about an incident
c) To make a honest disclosure
d) To deny the crime
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………. improves your knowledge.
a) Reads
b) Read
c) To read
d) Reading
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it was too long __________________ me.
a) four
b) for
c) another
d) none of this
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I wonder ……. happened to you.
a) when
b) which
c) what
d) whose
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The teacher with her students …………. arrived at the railway station.
a) have
b) is
c) will
d) has
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Combine the sentences into one Simple sentence. He works hard. He wants to support his family.
a) He works hard because he wants to support his family
b) He works hard to support his family
c) He works hard and supports his family
d) Supporting his family, he works hard.
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We cannot go out now because it.
a) will be raining
b) is raining
c) was raining
d) had been raining
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My mobile phone is in my bag but I don't remember ………………. it there.
a) to put
b) to putting
c) put
d) putting
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A book containing summarised information on all branches of knowledge (choose the one which can be substituted)
a) dictionary
b) anthology
c) directory
d) encyclopaedia
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She avoided …….. him about her plans.
a) tells
b) telling
c) told
d) will tell
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………… tonight?
a) Are you coming
b) Have you come
c) Do you come
d) Does she come
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I ……………. to the cinema since I came to Germany.
a) haven't gone
b) didn't go
c) hadn't gone
d) don't go
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a) change : substance
b) vindicate : crime
c) verify : validity
d) adulterate : purity
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