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General English Exam Practice – 12

Paramilitary personnel were deployed to restoring infrastructure badly injured by the storm

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Antonym of JUBILANT:
a) elation
b) genuine
c) happy
d) depressed
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We can't live without fresh air, …?
a) could we?
b) can't we?
c) can we?
d) isn't it?
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She would rather we had stayed till tomorrow. Edit the sentence:
a) She would rather we have stayed till romorrow.
b) She would rather we staying till romorrow.
c) She would rather we stayed till romorrow.
d) She would rather we stays till romorrow.
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Paramilitary personnel were deployed to restoring infrastructure badly injured by the storm
a) influenced
b) distressed
c) affected
d) No Improvement
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The girls said, “We have seen the film.” The Indirect form is:
a) The girls said that they had seen the film
b) The girls said that they have seen the film
c) The girls said that we have seen the film
d) The girls said that they saw the film
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If you heat water at 100°C, it ……
a) boils
b) will boil
c) would boil
d) will have boiled.
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Lasting only for a short while [Replace the phrase with one word]
a) transparent
b) temporary
c) temperate
d) temporal
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She not only gave us a fine dinner ………. drove us back home.
a) but
b) but also
c) also
d) but too Cold
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Synonym of 'Lissom'
a) Dull
b) Slow
c) Honest
d) Supple
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A book giving information about all areas of knowledge.
a) dictionary
b) encyclopaedia
c) anthology
d) directory
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I will wait ……… 6:30, but then I'm going home.
a) from
b) at
c) until
d) for
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She was glad to see her friend.
a) broken
b) open
c) happy
d) upset
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I think she spent the entire afternoon ………. the phone.
a) on
b) in
c) at
d) upon
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If we …………. to the radio, we would have heard the news.
a) listened
b) have listened
c) had listened
d) had had listened
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The soldier jumped ……. the horse and rode away.
a) Upon
b) on
c) Into
d) over
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The Chief Guest arrived – the venue.
a) on
b) at
c) in
d) by
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Nobody will believe you ……..
a) if you had told lies
b) if you would tell lies
c) if you should tell lies
d) if you tell lies
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The Masculine Gender of 'Niece'
a) Nephew
b) Uncle
c) Aunt
d) Cousin
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Select Correct Word
a) Callibration
b) Calibration
c) Celibration
d) Calibrration
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One who talks very little
a) Serious
b) Selfish
c) Rigorous
d) Reserved
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We saw no one there, …. Add question Tag
a) didn't we?
b) did we?
c) don't we?
d) do we?
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The cat knocked a vase OFF the shelf. [Part of speech of capitalized]
a) pronoun
b) verb
c) adverb
d) preposition
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He said to me, “Could you turn on the TV for me?” The Indirect Speech is:
a) He asked me whether I could turn on the TV for him
b) He asked me if I could turn on the TV for him
c) He asked me if I can turn on the TV for him
d) He asked me if you can turn on the TV for me .
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Change into Active Voice- Nothing can be gained by nervousness.
a) Nervousness can gain anything.
b) Nervousness cannot gain anything
c) Nervousness should not gain anything.
d) Nervousness ought not to gain anything.
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The Plural form of 'Maid- servant'
a) Maids- servant
b) Maid – servants
c) Maids – servantis
d) Maid- servantses
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