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General English Exam Practice – 11

The Comparative Degree of: No other batsman in the team is so good as Prem.

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The Plural form of 'Fungus'
a) Fungi
b) Fungusis
c) Fungs
d) Fungis
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Have you heard the ……… … news?
a) late
b) later
c) latest
d) lated
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My dance teacher taught me the …….. of Bharatnatyam.
a) foundations
b) basics
c) lessons
d) theory
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If you miss the boat now, you'll have to repent all your life.
a) to be late
b) to be slow
c) take the risk
d) miss the chance
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If you heat ice, it …….
a) melts
b) melted
c) will melt
d) would melt
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A short story about a real person/event [Replace the phrase with one word]
a) fable
b) parable
c) anecdote
d) legend
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The Comparative Degree of: No other batsman in the team is so good as Prem.
a) Prem is better than any other batsman in the team.
b) Prem is better than many other batsmen in the team.
c) Prem is the best batsman in the team.
d) Prem is more good than any other batsman in the team.
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When she saw him, she …., looking worried.
a) backed out
b) backed on
c) backed off
d) backed in
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My best friend lives ………. Boretz Road.
a) in
b) on
c) at
d) away
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One who is greedy for money
a) Regicide
b) Inimitable
c) Avaricious
d) Epicure
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Spot the Error
a) Each of the class rooms
b) were equipped with
c) over-head projectors
d) and dust free boards.
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Antonym of 'Lament'
a) Bless
b) Sad
c) Rejoice
d) Regret
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He raised several objections to my proposal but I……….
a) stood my chance
b) stood my position
c) stood my ground
d) stood my stand
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My house is ……….. comfortable than my father's.
a) very
b) much
c) far
d) much more
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The Active form of – The problem is being solved by the teacher.
a) The teacher solves the problem.
b) The teacher solved the problem.
c) The teacher solve the problem.
d) The teacher is solving the problem.
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I work …. Monday ….. Friday.
a) not only……. but also
b) from ……. to
c) too … to
d) so … that
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I couldn't figure out … he said what he said.
a) why
b) once
c) because
d) however
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a) paean : difficulty
b) encomium : censure
c) requiem : happiness
d) elegy : mourning
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She does not leave college …. 4 o’clock.
a) before
b) by
c) within
d) over
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let the cat out of the bag means:
a) to conceal a secret
b) to reveal a secret carelessly or by mistake
c) to find out a secret
d) to know a secret
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He has been jobless for several months, and it is his wife who keeps the pot boiling.
a) keeps the fire burning
b) avoids starvation
c) keeps firing
d) gets angry
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I nearly missed the train; I was only just ….
a) in time for
b) on time
c) timely
d) in time
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Select Correct Word
a) Courrtesy
b) Courtesy
c) Courttesy
d) Courtesie
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Can I have ……. omelette and ……. apple with my tea?
a) a, an
b) a, a
c) an, an
d) an, a
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A city inhabited by people from many different countries
a) cosmopolis
b) metropolis
c) necropolis
d) heliopolis
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