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Degree Level Exam Practice – 71

The Third Travancore Political Conference was held at Trivandrum under the presidency of

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The relics of Pre-Harappan as well as Harappan age have been found from which site?
  (a) Lothal
  (b) Kalibangan
  (c) Kot Diji
  (d) Chanhudaro
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Which was the materialistic school of Indian philosophy?
  (a) Samkhya
  (b) Vaisheshika
  (c) Lokayat
  (d) Purva Mimamsa
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In the Mauryan administration ‘Santidhatri’ denotes:
  (a) Officer of Mines
  (b) Officer of Jails
  (c) Prime Minister
  (d) Officer of Treasury
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The Gandhara School of Art flourished during the reign of:
  (a) Kanishka
  (b) Ashoka
  (c) Samudragupta
  (d) Kharvel
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Chinese traveller Fahion visited India during the time of:
  (a) Shri Gupta
  (b) Samudra Gupta
  (c) Chandra Gupta-II
  (d) Skanda Gupta
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Which one of the following statement is not correct?
  (a) The statue of Gomateshwara at Sravanabelgola represents the last Tirthankara of Jains
  (b) India’s largest Buddhist monastery is in Arunachal Pradesh
  (c) The Khajuraho temple were built under Chandela Kings
  (d) The Hoysalesvara temple is dedicated to Siva
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Gupta period is remarkable for the production of secular literature. Consider the following statements:
(i) Abhinjanasakuntalam was one of the earliest Indian works to be translated into European languages apart from Bhagavatgita
(ii) Amarkosha is a lexicon written by Amar Simha who was in the court of Samudragupta
(iii) Romaka Sidhanta was a commentary on Sanskrit grammar written in this period – Which among the above is/are not correct?
  (a) (ii) Only
  (b) (i) & (ii)
  (c) (i) & (iii)
  (d) (ii) & (iii)
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King Agnimitra, the hero of the Kalidasa’s play ‘Malavikagnimitram’ belongs to which dynasty?
  (a) Mauryan
  (b) Sunga
  (c) Kanva
  (d) Ganga
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To which god the famous Konark Temle was dedicated?
  (a) Shiv
  (b) Vishnu
  (c) Ganesha
  (d) Surya
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Which new currency was struck by Mohammed bin Tughlaq?
  (a) Dinar
  (b) Jeetal
  (c) Tanka
  (d) Dokani
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Which Sufi Silsila directly adopted (spritual) Yogi exercise?
  (a) Chishti
  (b) Kshatari
  (c) Saharvardi
  (d) Kadari
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Which is not a characteristic of the Taj Mahal’s architecture?
  (a) Charbagh plan
  (b) Double dome
  (c) Pietra Dura
  (d) White marble
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What is the subject matter of ‘Man Kutuhal’?
  (a) Comedy
  (b) Love story
  (c) Astrology
  (d) Music
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Write the conquest of Alauddin Khalji in correct chronological order;
(i) Ranthambhor
(ii) Gujarat
(iii) Deogiri
(iv) Chitto
  (a) (i), (ii), (iv), (iii)
  (b)(ii), (i), (iv), (iii)
  (c) (ii), (iii), (iv), (i)
  (d) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)
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Who founded the India League in 1875?
  (a) Ram Gopal Ghose
  (b) Krishna Mohan Banerji
  (c) Sisir Kumar Ghose
  (d) Surendra Nath Banerji
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Which of the following is not correctly matched?
  (a) Madras Labour Union – 1918
  (b) United Trade union Congress – 1949
  (c) Trade Union Act – 1928
  (d) Hind Mazdoor Sabha – 1948
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Who was the revolutionary, sentenced to death, in Kakori Train Dacoity?
  (a) Ram Prasad Bismil
  (b) Ashfaqulla Khan
  (c) Rajendra Nath Lahiri
  (d) Manmath Nath Gupta
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Rabindra Nath Tagore returned his knighthood to the British Government in protest against which event?
  (a) The lathi charge on Lala Lajpat Rai
  (b) The capital punishment to Bhagat Singh
  (c) The killing of people in Jallianwala Bagh
  (d) The death of Jatindra Das in jail due to fasting
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Why did the Indian boycott the Simon Commission?
  (a) Because its aim was not to solve the Indian problems
  (b) Its aim was to divide Hindus & Muslims
  (c) All its members were British & no representation was given to Indians
  (d) It was responsible for oppression upon Indians
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Normally, the temperature decreases with the increase in height from the Earth’s surface, because;
(i) The atmosphere can be heated upwards only from the Earth’s surface
(ii) There is more moisture in the upper atmosphere
(iii) The air is less dense in the upper atmosphere Select the correct using the codes given below;
  (a) (i) Only
  (b) (i) & (iii) Only
  (c)(ii) & (iii) Only
  (d) (i), (ii) & (iii)
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Which of the following is/ are the causes for Coral Bleaching?
(i) Decline in the densities of zooxanthellae
(ii) Anomalously low & high sea temperature
(iii) Intense upwelling episodes
(iv) Ocean acidification
(v) UV radiation
  (a) (i), (ii), (iii) & (iv)
  (b) (i), (ii) & (iii)
  (c) (i), (iii) & (iv)
  (d) All of the above
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Consider the following statements regarding the Coriolis force;
(i) The Coriolis force is exerted by the rotation of the Earth
(ii) The Coriolis force acts perpendicular to the pressure gradient force Which among the above is/ are correct?
  (a) (i) Only
  (b) (ii) Only
  (c) Both (i) & (ii)
  (d) Neither (i) nor (ii)
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The Grand Banks is an area of the Atlantic Ocean that is a famous fishing ground. It is located in;
  (a) Newfoundland island
  (b) Norway
  (c) Britain
  (d) New Brunswick
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Which one of the following is produced during the formation of photochemical smog?
  (a) Hydrocarbons
  (b) Nitrogen oxides
  (c) Ozone
  (d) Methane
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In a greenhouse, visible light passes through the transparent glass and heats up the soil and the plants. Apart from the sun rays, greenhouse is also heated by;
  (a) Infrared emissions from warm soil
  (b) Infrared emissions from warm plants
  (c) Infrared emissions from both warm soil & plants
  (d) Infrared emissions from the humidity present in the greenhouse
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Match the following rivers & their place of origin: Rivers Place of origin
1. The Chambal – Malwa Plateau
2. Godavari – Triambak Hills
3. Krishna – Brahmagiri Hills
Which of the above is/ are incorrect?
  (a) (1) Only
  (b) (2) Only
  (c) (1) & (3) Only
  (d) All of the above
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Consider the following about Tropical cyclones & choose the correct answers:
(i) Tropical cyclones are embedded in easterly winds
(ii) It originates only in the oceans in the entire tropical region
(iii) It dies down very quickly after entering the land.
  (a) (i) & (ii) Only
  (b) (i) & (iii) Only
  (c) (ii) & (iii) Only
  (d) All of the above
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The principlal copper deposits of India lie in which among the following places?
  (a) Hazaribagh & Singhbhum
  (b) Khetri & Dariba areas of Rajasthan
  (c) Anantpur in Andhra Pradesh
  (d) Bilaspur in Chattisgarh
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Which among the following is/ are criteria for selection of Biosphere Reserves in India?
(i) It should be large enough to sustain viable populations representing all tropic levels in the ecosystem
(ii) It should be home to indigenous variety of flora & fauna
(iii) It’s core area should be a self sustaining bio-geographical unit.
  (a) (i) & (ii) Only
  (b) (i) & (iii) Only
  (c) (ii) & (iii) Only
  (d) All of the above
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Consider the following statements with reference to natural fibres:
(i) The science of rearing silkworm for obtaining silk is known as Pisciculture
(ii) Tassar is the most commonly found silk type in India The correct statement/s is/ are:
  (a) (i) Only
  (b) (ii) Only
  (c) Both (i) & (ii)
  (d) None of the above
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Consider the following statements:
(i) The National School of Drama was set up by Sangeet Nataka Academy in 1959
(ii) The highest honour conferred by the Sahitya Academy on a writer is by electing him its Fellow Which of the statement/ s given above is/ are correct?
  (a) (i) Only
  (b) (ii) Only
  (c) Both (i) & (ii)
  (d) Neither (i) nor (ii)
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Consider the following statements with reference to passing of Money Bill;
(i) A Money Bill can be introduced in either Hou of the Parliament
(ii) Once a Money Bill is passed by Lok Sabha, th Rajya Sabha can either approve the Bill or suggest the amendment but cannot reject the Bill
(iii) If no action is taken by Rajya Sabha on Mone Bill within 14 days, the bill is deemed to have bee passed by Rajya Sabha
(iv) Amendments to the Money Bill, suggested by Rajya Sabha, may or may not be accepted by Lok Sabha
(v) President cannot send back the Money Bill by use of veto power Which among the above is/ are correct?
  (a) (i), (iii), (iv) & (v) Only
  (b) (ii), (iii) & (v) On
  (c)(ii), (iii), (iv) & (v) Only
  (d) All of the above
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Consider the following statements about the Ordinance making power of the President :
(i) Ordinance can be promulgated by the President anytime except when any of the House of th Parliament is in session
(ii) Ordinance must be approved by the Parliame within 6 months of its reassembly Choose the correct ones :
  (a) Both (i) & (ii)
  (b) Neither (i) nor (ii).
  (c) (i) Only
  (d) (ii) Only
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According to the Constitution of India, which of the following are fundamental for the governance of the coutry?
  (a) Fundamental Rights
  (b) Fundamental Dutie
  (c) Directive Principles
  (d) Both (a) & (b)
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Which of the following terms in context of religi means to teach one’s religious principles for the edification of others?
  (a) Conscience
  (b) Profess
  (c) Propagate
  (d) Practice
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The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee is being appointed by;
  (a) The President
  (b) The Vice President
  (c) Prime Minister
  (d) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
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Which Amendment added the Ninth Schedule to the Constitution;
  (a) The First Amendment
  (b) The Third Amendment
  (c) The Seventh Amendment
  (d) The Ninth Amendment
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The concept of ‘Liberty, Equality & Fraternity’ enshrined in the Constitution is inspired from;
  (a) Irish Constitution
  (b) French Constitution
  (c) U.K. Constitution
  (d) U.S. Constitution
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The Electoral College that elects the Vice President of India consists of;
  (a) Members of Rajya Sabha only
  (b) Elected members of both Houses of Parliament
  (c) Members Of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
  (d) Members of Rajya Sabha & Legislative Assemblies
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The Committee on the status of women in India recommended the setting up of;
  (a) National Commission for Women
  (b) National Commission for Backward Classes
  (c) Human Rights Commission
  (d) Scheduled Tribes Commission
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Consider the following statements on Marthanda Varma :
(i) He adopted a Europen mode of discipline for his army
(ii) He made deliberate attempt to consolidate power by the use of Indian Ocean trade
(iii) He declared a state monopoly on pepper in Travancore in 1743. Which of the statement/s above is/are correct?
  (a) (i) Only
  (b) (i) & (ii) Only
  (c) (ii) & (iii) Only
  (d) All of the above
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Which among the following statement on Temple Entry Proclaimation is incorrect ?
  (a) In 1932, King Chithira Thirunal appointed a committee to examine the question of temple entry
  (b) The Temple Entry Proclaimation was signed on the eve of the 24th birthday of the King
  (c) PGN Unnithan was the Diwan of Travancore at the time of Proclaimation
  (d) Gandhiji described the proclaimation as ‘amiracle of the modern times’.
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The Third Travancore Political Conference was held at Trivandrum under the presidency of;
  (a) Pattabhi Sitaramayya
  (b) Pattom Thanu Pillai
  (c) Jawaharlal Nehru
  (d) CR Das
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Who led the Rajadhani March of 1938 ?
  (a) Annie Mascreen
  (b) Akkamma Cherian
  (c) Pattom Thanu Pillai
  (d) T K Varghese
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Which among the following statements on Kerala Murals is incorrect?
  (a) Kerala holds the second place in having the largest collection of archaeologically important mural sites
  (b) Rock engravings dating to the Mesolithic period have been discovered in two regions of Kerala, at Edakkal in Wayanad & Perumkadavila in Trivandrum
  (c) The murals of Kanthaloor temple in Trivandrum & those at Pisharikavu & Kaliampalli in’, Kozhikode are the oldest extent temple frescos of Kerala.
  (d) The subjects of the murals were derived from social issues
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Consider the following statements on rhythms of Kerala :
(i) Eka Tala is a simple rhythm of one beat and one gap
(ii) Roopa Tala has a form of two beats followed by a gap
(iii) Champata Tala is a pattern of three beats succeeded by one gap
(iv) Karika Tala is a pattern of four beats & one gap
(v) Marma Tala is a combination of first four rhythms
(vi) Kumbha Tala is used in Kathakali Which of the above statements is/are incorrect?
  (a) (i), (iv) & (v)
  (b) (iv) Only
  (c) None of the above
  (d) (vi) Only
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The nationalist armed peasant revolt of Mau Mau Movement against the British colonialists occurred in ;
  (a) Tanzania
  (b) Mauritius
  (c) Kenya
  (d) Sri Lanka
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What was the major cause of the World War II ?
  (a) The rise of Fascism
  (b) Harsh treatment to Germany by the Treaty of Versailles
  (c) Ist World War damages suffered by the allies
  (d) All of these
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