Degree Level Exam Practice

Degree Level Exam Practice – 66

Which of the following items has the highest Engel’s elasticity with respect to Private Final Consumption Expenditure?

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Which of the following Persian poets has depicted the Indian environment in his poetry?
a) Amir Hasan
b) Amir Khusrau
c) Faizi
d) Kalim
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Which of the following is in liquid form at room temperature ?
a) Lithium
b) Sodium
c) Francium
d) Cerium
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Animal(s) which is/ are active at night
a) owl
b) rat
c) cockroach
d) All the above
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ബഹുവചന സ്വഭാവമുള്ള പദം
a) വൈദ്യർ
b) സ്വാമികൾ
c) തിരുവടികൾ
d) അധ്യാപകർ
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Which of the following items has the highest Engel's elasticity with respect to Private Final Consumption Expenditure?
a) Health
b) Clothing and footwear
c) Eduction
d) Food and non-alcoholic beverages
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Which of the following is a Compound Noun?
a) Dolphins
b) Cheesecake
c) Pearls
d) Wind
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പറയാനുള്ള ആഗ്രഹം എന്നതിന്‍റെ ഒറ്റപ്പദം
a) ഉത്പതിഷ്ണു
b) വിവക്ഷ
c) ആകാംഷ
d) സംക്ഷിപ്തം
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Which one of the following approaches is associated with Prof. Amartya Sen ?
a) Basic Needs Approach
b) Capability Approach
c) Income Approach
d) Welfare Approach
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A light year measures?
a) A unit of velocity
b) A unit of distance
c) A unit of pressure
d) Unit of time
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നാഴി അരി ഏത് ഭേദകവിഭാഗത്തിൽ പെടുന്നു?
a) ശുദ്ധം
b) സാർവനാമികം
c) പാരിമാണികം
d) സാംഖ്യം
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The Indian Model of 'Ombudsman' is
a) Lekhpal
b) Tahsildar
c) Governor
d) Lokpal
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Mahadayi river water dispute is in between
a) Maharashtra and Karnataka
b) Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
c) Goa and Maharashtra
d) Goa and Karnataka
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Is the world's climate getting more hot, with hotter heat waves and colder cold?
a) high
b) extreme
c) acute
d) No Improvement
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Choose the right sentence
a) Go home immediate
b) This is the best of the two
c) He has been absent for Monday
d) I am older than you
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The disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin A
a) Xerophtalmia
b) Scurvy
c) Rickets
d) Berriberi
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'KUSUM' (Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan) covers which of the following ?
a) Setting up of 10,000 MW of Decentralized Ground Mounted Grid Connected Solar Power Plants
b) Installation of 17.50 lakh Stand-alone Solar Pumps and
c) Solarisation of 10 lakh Grid Connected Agriculture Pumps and 50 Thousand Tube-wells/Lift Irrigation Projects by Financial year 2021-22, with the objective of providing financial and water security to farmers
d) All the above
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The first agricultural census was conducted in the country in?
a) 1970
b) 1883
c) 1988
d) 1993
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Tie the knot
a) To get married
b) To get educated
c) To hit someone
d) To be turned away
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You are travelling in a bus. An elderly man boards the bus, but no seats are available. What will you do?
a) Ignore the elderly man and look elsewhere
b) Ask the conductor to find a seat for the elderly man
c) Give up your seat and ask the elderly man to sit down
d) Suggest the elderly man to get down at next stop as the bus is crowded
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Who directed the film on the dacoit queen Phoolan Devi ?
a) Shashi Kapoor
b) Shekhar Kapoor
c) Abbas Maston
d) Anil Kapoor
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The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 12. If the new number formed by reversing the digits is greater than the original number by 54, then what will be the original number?
a) 93
b) 28
c) 48
d) 39
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Jana-gana-mana was adopted in its Hindi version by Constituent Assembly as the National Anthem of India on
a) 26th January 1950
b) 24th January 1950
c) 27th December 1947
d) 27th December 1952
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Tharu Tribe is residing in which of the following states of India ?
a) Bihar and Madhya Pradesh
b) Jharkhand and Bihar
c) Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh
d) Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh
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Which metal is used for the manufacture of filament in the incandescent lamp?
a) Molybdenum
b) Tungsten
c) Iron
d) Copper
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Name the president of India who addressed the Kerala Assembly firstly:
a) Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
b) Dr. K.R. Narayanan
c) Prathibha Patil
d) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
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