Degree Level Exam Practice

Degree Level Exam Practice – 60

In which year was the States Reorganization Act Passed by the Parliament of India ?

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Which of the following is biodegradable?
a) Iron nails
b) Plastic mugs
c) Leather belts
d) Silver foil
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Study of races
a) Etymology
b) Anthropology
c) Physiology
d) Ethnology
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In which year was the States Reorganization Act Passed by the Parliament of India ?
a) 1953
b) 1954
c) 1955
d) 1956
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കേൾ + തു= കേട്ടു. ഏത് സന്ധിക്ക് ഉദാഹരണമാണ്?
a) ലോപസന്ധി
b) ആഗമസന്ധി
c) ആദേശസന്ധി
d) ദ്വിത്വസന്ധി
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‘Notice Money’, with reference to interbank money market, means deals in funds for –
a) 5-180 days
b) None of those given as options
c) 2-60 days
d) 2-14 days
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Select Correct Word
a) Exercisse
b) Excercise
c) Exercisee
d) Exercise
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Ice is packed in saw dust because
a) Saw dust is poor conductor of heat
b) Saw dust is a good conductor of heat
c) Saw dust does not stick to the ice
d) Saw dust will not get melted easily
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People living at the same time
a) Contemporaries
b) Preceding
c) Succeeding
d) Feminist
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The Barh Super Thermal Power Station (BSTPS) is located in which State?
a) Bihar
b) Karnataka
c) Rajasthan
d) Punjab
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The device which works on the principle of electromagnetic induction is
a) Ammeter
b) Voltmeter
c) Dynamo
d) Electric motor
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Name one waste which may pollute the earth to dangerous levels of toxicity, if not handled properly.
a) DDT
b) CFC
c) Radioactive substances
d) PAN
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Antonym of 'Quixotic'
a) unpredictable
b) simple
c) staid
d) pause
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Sum of Squares of two numbers is 80 and square of their defference is 16. The product of the two numbers is
a) 32
b) 22
c) 58
d) 116
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The Federal Bank Limited is an old generation private sector commercial bank. It is headquartered in
a) Chennai, Tamil Nadu
b) Mumbai, Maharashtra
c) Aluva, Kerala
d) Thrissur, Kerala
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a) expend : relish
b) exploit: utilize
c) explore : peruse
d) rent: contrive
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He was in service for many years and will retire soon
a) is
b) have been
c) has been
d) No Improvement
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The period mentioned in the autobiography of Gandhiji
a) 1869-1923
b) 1869-1947
c) 1869-1948
d) 1869-1930
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The marked price of a radio is 20% more than its cost price. If a discount of 10% is given on the marked price, the gain per cent is:
a) 15
b) 12
c) 10
d) 8
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Which Indian swimmer has become the first Asian to swim across Ocean Seven ?
a) Bhakti Sharma
b) Ashwin Menon
c) Rehan Poncha
d) Rohan More
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If simple interest of a certain amount of money for three years at the rate of 14% per annum in Rs. 235.20. What is the amount
a) Rs. 480
b) Rs. 560
c) Rs. 650
d) Rs. 720
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The evergreen variety of the tropical rain forest is found in
a) Assam
b) West Bengal
c) Odisha
d) All of these
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A student has to secure 35% marks to pass the exam. If he get 100 marks and fails by 40 marks. The maximum marks.
a) 300
b) 250
c) 400
d) 350
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The city of 'Abu Dhabi' is the capital of
a) Republic of Turkey
b) Lebanese Republic
c) The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
d) United Arab Emirates
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The sorting was done by the machine. The Active Voice is:
a) Machine will do the sorting
b) Machine did the sorting
c) Machine had done the sorting
d) Machine done the sorting
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വരും+കാലം = വരുങ്കാലം ഏത് സന്ധി നിയമത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണമാണ്?
a) ആഗമസന്ധി
b) ആദേശസന്ധി
c) ദ്വിത്വസന്ധി
d) ലോപസന്ധി
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