Degree Level Exam Practice

Degree Level Exam Practice – 46

According to the Constitution of India, a Right to Property is a

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താഴെ കൊടുത്തിട്ടുള്ളവയിൽ തന്മാത്രാതദ്ധിതത്തിന് ഉദാഹരണം?
a) നല്ലത്
b) ശുദ്ധൻ
c) മഹത്ത്വം
d) ഒന്നാമൻ
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'Dapog' method of rice nursery was developed in
a) China
b) Indonesia
c) Japan
d) Philippines
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Jallianwala incident took place at
a) Lucknow
b) Surat
c) Amritsar
d) Allahabad
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The Union Government has given environmental clearance for Kaleshwarm Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) in 2018. The KLIS is associated with which State ?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Kerala
c) Telangana
d) Odisha
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Ganga beyond Farakka, when it enters Bengladesh, is known as
a) Padma
b) Meghna
c) Hooghly
d) Swaran Ganga
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Who was not the member of the Cabinet Mission?
a) Pethick Lawrence
b) Wavell
c) Stafford Cripps
d) A. V. Alexander
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Which of the following writs is not specifically provided in the Constitution of India ?
a) Prohibition
b) Mandamus
c) Quo-warranto
d) Injunction
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Which one of the following, form the list of all identified elements of a population?
a) Sampling frame
b) Class
c) Sample
d) Cluster
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According to the Constitution of India, a Right to Property is a
a) Fundamental Right
b) Directive Principle
c) Legal Right
d) Social Right
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When are mangoes …………………… enough to eat ?
a) mature
b) ready
c) full
d) ripe
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Which of the following city is hosting the Commonwealth Game 2018?
a) Darban, South Africa
b) London, UK
c) Toronto, Canada
d) Gold Coast, Australia
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January 1,2004 was a thursday,what day of the week lies on Jan 2005?
a) Monday
b) Thursday
c) Saturday
d) Sunday
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Which country is in the process of building the largest single Aperture Radio Telescope – FAST?
a) Japan
b) China
c) USA
d) Russia
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According to the 14th Finance Commission, the percentage share of State in the net proceeds of the shareable central tax revenue should be
a) 32 percent
b) 35 percent
c) 40 percent
d) 42 percent
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A train 500 meters long is running with a speed of 72 km/hr. In what time will it pass a tunnel 300 meters long
a) 30 sec
b) 40 Sec
c) 20 see
d) 25 sec
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In the abbreviation IGST, the letter 'I' stands for what ?
a) Integrated
b) Interim
c) Interest
d) India
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Which of the following is non-biodegradable?
a) Animal bones
b) Nylon
c) Tea leaves
d) Wool
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When one gene pair hides the effect of the other unit, the phenomenon is referred to as
a) Mutation
b) Epistasis
c) Dominance
d) None of the options
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The Indirect form of – She said, “I swim every day.”
a) She said that she swam every day.
b) She said that she is going to swim every day.
c) She said that she goes to swim every day.
d) She said that I swim every day.
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NITI Aayog has launched the Atal New India Challenge that will provide grants of up to how much amount to innovative products and solutions?
a) Rs. 2 crore
b) Rs. 1 crore
c) Rs. 1.5 crore
d) Rs. 2.5 crore
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The Valmiki's Ramayana originally consited of how many verses?
a) 4,000
b) 6,000
c) 12,000
d) 24,000
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Two trains 200 m and 150 m long are running on parallel rails at the rate of 40 kmph and 45 kmph respectively. In how much time will they cross each other, if they are running in the same direction?
a) 176 s
b) 192 s
c) 238 s
d) 252 s
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Which of the following Buddhist literature contains the Buddha's sermons on matters of ethics and doctrine?
a) Vinaya Pitaka
b) Jataka Stories
c) Abhidhamma Pitaka
d) Sutta Pitaka
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Anil introduces Rohit as the son of the only brother of his father’s wife. How is Rohit related to Anil?
a) Cousin
b) Son
c) Uncle
d) Son-in-law
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In the recent, climate conference in New York, out of 700 men, 500 women, 800 children present inside the building premises, 20% of the men, 40% of the women and 10% of the children were Indians. Find the percentage of people who were not Indian?
a) 77%
b) 73%
c) 79%
d) 83%
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