Degree Level Exam Practice

Degree Level Exam Practice – 21

Who gave the concept of “Total Revolution’ to Indian politics?

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She was in Agra …….. more than a month.
a) since
b) during
c) by
d) for
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Antonym of 'Imprimatur'
a) rustic
b) servant
c) teacher
d) disapproval
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If a 36 inches long strip cloth shrinks to 33 inches after being washed, how many inches long will the same strip remain after washing if it were 48 inches long?
a) 47 inches
b) 44 inches
c) 45 inches
d) 46 inches
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Hold Your Horses
a) Running Fast
b) Easily successful
c) Be patient
d) Aggressive Possession
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Tsangpo is the other name in Tibet for ……………..
a) Kosi
b) Gandak
c) Brahmaputra
d) Ganga
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Who gave the concept of “Total Revolution' to Indian politics?
a) M.N. Roy
b) Ram Manohar Lohiya
c) Jayaprakash Narayan
d) Subhash Chandra Bose
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Who was the founder of Lodhi dynasty ?
a) Sikandar Lodhi
b) Bahlol Lodhi
c) Ibrahim Lodhi
d) Daulat Khan Lodhi
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Change into Indirect Speech – Sheila said, “my parents are going to Germany.”
a) Sheila said that my parents are going to Germany.
b) Sheila said that her parents are going to Germany.
c) Sheila said that her parents were going to Germany.
d) Sheila said that her parents will be going to Germany.
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Process through which plants reproduce
a) eating
b) evaporation
c) pollination
d) condensation
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സ്ഥലം എന്നതിന്‍റെ വിപരീത പദമേത്?
a) നിസ്തുലം
b) സൂക്ഷ്മം
c) അസ്ഥലം
d) സങ്കുചിതം
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which is different from the other three responses
a) XUW
b) DAC
c) PMN
d) HEG
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Spot the Error
a) She wore a necklace
b) to the party
c) that was more beautiful
d) than the other girls.
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The Comparative Degree of: No other batsman in the team is so good as Prem.
a) Prem is better than any other batsman in the team.
b) Prem is better than many other batsmen in the team.
c) Prem is the best batsman in the team.
d) Prem is more good than any other batsman in the team.
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A train traveling at a speed of 90kmph crosses a pole in 10 seconds. The length of the train is
a) 200m
b) 250m
c) 300m
d) 350m
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80% of a number added to 80 gives the result as the number itself, then the number is :
a) 200
b) 300
c) 400
d) 480
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മേയനാമം അല്ലാത്തത് ഏത്
a) ജലം
b) മഴ
c) വസ്ത്രം
d) നിലാവ്
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Rangrajan Committee was constituted for
a) Disinvestment
b) Banking reforms
c) Tax reforms
d) Foreign trade
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The basic application of an 'AND' gate in computer is for
a) addition
b) Subtraction
c) Multiplication
d) division
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Which of the following are the tributaries of River Krishna ?
a) Paleru
b) Munneru
c) Wyra
d) All the above
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A can run 22.5 m while B runs 25 m. In a kilometre race B beats A by:
a) 100 m
b) 25 m
c) 50 m
d) 101m
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Which of the following Bank is not a Public Sector Bank?
a) IDBI Bank
b) State Bank of India
c) Punjab and Sind Bank
d) HDFC Bank
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What is FASTag ?
a) Train
b) The FASTag is an RFID tag, available both online and offline through banks and Common Service Centres
c) Lorry
d) Bus
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The planet nearest to Sun is
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Earth
d) Venus
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If you wish to enjoy the world's pleasures, you must also …….. its pains.
a) deny
b) neglect
c) ignore
d) endure
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How much of the net irrigated well irrigation?
a) 20%
b) 60%
c) 45%
d) 30%
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