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Which is the highest polling station in the world? Ans: Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh

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  • Which city is hosting the 3-day Smart Cities India 2018 Expo? Ans: New Delhi
  • World Turtle Day was observed on which date? Ans: 23rd May
  • Which Indian athlete has become the first to be nominated for the Laureus World Comeback of Year Award? Ans: Vinesh Phogat
  • Civil Services Day is observed every year on? Ans: 21st April
  • Which two cities were awarded the Best Heritage City award in the National Tourism Awards 2016-17? Ans: Ahmedabad and Mandu
  • Which online security campaign was launched by Google India recently? Ans: SecurityCheckKiya
  • Where did Indias first Voter Park situated? Ans: Gurugram
  • The Union Government has declared 2018 as the National Year of ______. Ans: Millets
  • The Department of Posts launched Cool EMS Service between India and which country? Ans: Japan
  • Name the project launched by Department of Posts for total digitisation of postal operations in the country? Ans: DARPAN (Digital Advancement of Rural Post Office for a New India)
  • Which Indian cricketer was named ICC Cricketer of the Year 2017? Ans: Virat Kohli
  • Name the co-founder of software company Microsoft who passed away at the age of 65 on 15th October 2018? Ans: Paul Allen
  • Name Indias first self-made fighter jet which received the final operational clearance for induction into the air force as a fully-weaponised fighter jet? Ans: Light Combat Aircraft Tejas
  • Who became the first Indian woman to fly fighter aircraft after successfully clearing her first solo sortie on a MiG-21 Bison fighter jet? Ans: Avani Chaturvedi
  • Name the first Indian who was elected as a FIFA Council member? Ans: Praful Patel
  • Who was crowned as the Indias first Tribal Queen? Ans: Pallavi Durua
  • Which country topped the Global Competitiveness Index 2018? Ans: USA
  • On which date the World Music Day is observed every year? Ans: 21st June
  • Which is the highest polling station in the world? Ans: Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh
  • First edition of North East Olympic Games was held in which city of North-Eastern India? Ans: Imphal
  • Who is the author of the book – Undaunted, Saving the Idea of India? Ans: P Chidambaram
  • What is Indias rank in the World Press Freedom Index 2019? Ans: 140th
  • The worlds first female foreign ministers meeting will be held in which country? Ans: Canada
  • Who won the 2019 Australian Open Mens Singles title by defeating Rafael Nadal in the final? Ans: Novak Djokovic
  • Which country won the maiden Womens Asia Cup T20 tournament defeating India in the finals held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Ans: Bangladesh
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