Simple Arithmatic

Arithmetic & Mental Ability – 30

Rani ranks 12th in a class of forty seven students. What is her rank from the bottom?

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Annual incomes of A and B are in the ratio 4:3 and their annual expenses in the ratio 3:2. If each saves 360,000 at the end of the year, the annual income of A is
a) ₹ 1,20,000
b) ₹ 1,50,000
c) ₹ 2,40,000
d) ₹ 3,60,000
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A prisoner introduced a boy who came to visit his to the jailer as “Brothers and Sisters I have none, he is my father's son's son.” Who is the boy?
a) Nephew
b) Son
c) Cousin
d) Uncle
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Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11 : 9 respectively. What is Anand”s present age in years?
a) 27
b) 24
c) 40
d) 17
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Rani ranks 12th in a class of forty seven students. What is her rank from the bottom?
a) 27
b) 28
c) 26
d) 36
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In class 32 students are studying Psychology while a total no of 26 students are studying sociology. If 16 students have opted to study both. What is the strength of the class?
a) 74
b) 58
c) 42
d) 62
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Find the lowest common multiple of 24, 36 and 40.
a) 120
b) 240
c) 360
d) 480
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With a speed of 60kmph a train crosses a pole in 30 seconds. The length of the train is
a) 300m
b) 400m
c) 500m
d) 600m
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Some boys are sitting in a row P’is sitting 14th from the left and Q is 7th from the right. If there are four boys between P and Q how many boys are there in the row?
a) 19
b) 21
c) 23
d) 25
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If MEAT is written as TEAM, then BALE written as:
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2, 5, 10, 17, 26, 37, 50, 64 (Odd man out)
a) 50
b) 26
c) 37
d) 64
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What is the total surface area of a right circular cone of height 14 cm and base radius 7 cm?
a) 344.35 cm2
b) 462 cm2
c) 498.35 cm2
d) None of these
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A train 280 m long is moving at 60kmph. The time taken by the train to cross a tunnel 220 m long is
a) 20 s
b) 25 s
c) 30 s
d) 35 s
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The marked price of a radio is 74,800. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and gains 8%. If no discount is allowed, his gain percent will be
a) 18
b) 20
c) 22
d) 25
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A shopkeeper employed a servant at the monthly salary of Rs. 1500 in addition to it he agreed to pay him a commission of 15% on the monthly sale. How much sale in Rupees, the servant should do if he wants his monthly income Rs. 6000?
a) Rs. 30000
b) Rs. 41500
c) Rs. 31500
d) Rs. 50000
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By selling 1 dozen ball pens, a shopkeeper earned the profit equal to the selling price of 4 ball pens. His profit percent is
a) 50
b) 40
c) 33 1/3
d) 31 1/4
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The measures (in cm) of sides of a right angled triangle are given by consecutive integers. Its area (in cm²) is
a) 9
b) 8
c) 5
d) 6
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In a certain code PULSE is written as DRKTO and NEW is written as VDM. How will PROBES be written in that code?
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The value of an article depreciates every year at the rate of 10% of its value. If the present value of the article is 3729, then its worth 3 years ago was
a) ₹ 1,250
b) ₹ 1,000
c) ₹ 1,125
d) ₹ 1,200
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What is the least number which must be added to 3560 to make the result exactly divisible by 97?
a) 59
b) 49
c) 29
d) 39
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If p > q and r < o (where '>' stands for greater than and '<' stands for less than), then which is true ?
a) pr < qr
b) p – r < q - r
c) p + r < q + r
d) None is true
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There are 10 points in a plane out of which 4 are collinear. Find the number of triangles formed by the points as vertices.
a) 120
b) 116
c) 140
d) 20
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The product of 2 numbers is 1575 and their quotient is 9/7. Then the sum of the numbers is
a) 74
b) 78
c) 80
d) 90
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A walks 10 m in towards East and then 10 m to his right. Then every time turning to his left he walks 5 m, 15 m and 15 m respectively. How far is he now from his starting point
a) 5 m
b) 10 m
c) 15 m
d) 20 m
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The greatest number of three digit which is divisible by 5, 15, 21 and 49 is
a) 715
b) 765
c) 785
d) 735
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Sanjay ranks 18th in a class of 49 student. Find his rank from the last?
a) 18
b) 19
c) 31
d) 32
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