Simple Arithmatic

Arithmetic & Mental Ability – 10

A boy divided a number by 2 instead of multiplying by 3. He got the answer 8. Write the correct answer

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A and B take part in 100 m race. A runs at 5 kmph. A gives B a start of 8 m and still beats him by 8 seconds. The speed of B is:
a) 5.15 kmph
b) 4.14 kmph
c) 4.25 kmph
d) 4.4 kmph
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a) 83
b) 81
c) 36
d) 18
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A man received ₹8,80,000 as his annual salary in the year 2018 which was 10% more than his annual salary in 2017. His annual salary in the year 2017 was
a) ₹ 4,80,000
b) ₹ 8,00,000
c) ₹ 4,00,000
d) ₹ 8,40,000
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The marked price of a radio is 74,800. The shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% and gains 8%. If no discount is allowed, his gain percent will be
a) 18
b) 20
c) 22
d) 25
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A boy divided a number by 2 instead of multiplying by 3. He got the answer 8. Write the correct answer
a) 12
b) 48
c) 16
d) 13
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An alloy contains zinc, copper and tin in the ratio 2:3:1 and another contains copper, tin and lead in the ratio 5:4:3. If equal weights of both alloys are melted together to form a third alloy, then the weight of lead per kg in new alloy will be:
a) 1/2 kg
b) 1/8 kg
c) 3/14 kg
d) 7/9 kg
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The compound interest on Rs. 30,000 at 7% per annum is Rs. 4347. The period (in years) is:
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6
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Aman started a business investing Rs. 70,000. Rakhi joined him after six months with an amount of Rs.. 1,05,000 and Sagar joined them with Rs. 1.4 lakhs after another six months. The amount of profit earned should be distributed in what ratio among Aman, Rakhi and Sagar respectively, 3 years after Aman started the business?
a) 7:06:10
b) 12:15:16
c) 42:45:56
d) Cannot be determined
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In a 300 m race A beats B by 22.5 m or 6 seconds. B”s time over the course is:
a) 86 sec
b) 80 sec
c) 76 sec
d) None of these
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8 men or 10 women can finish a work in 50 days. How many days will 28 men and 15 women take to finish the job?
a) 8
b) 10
c) 7
d) 9
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If x means +, + means ÷, – means x and ÷ means – then 6×4-5+2÷1=…..
a) 10
b) 11
c) 12
d) 15
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If the day before yesterday was Thursday, when will Sunday be?
a) Tomorrow
b) Today
c) Two days after today
d) Day after tomorrow
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Walking at the rate of 4kmph a man cover certain distance in 2hr 45 min. Running at a speed of 16.5 kmph the man will cover the same distance in.
a) 12 min
b) 25 min
c) 40 min
d) 48 min
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In one glass, milk and water are mixed in the ratio 3:5 and in another glass they are mixed in the ratio 6:1 In what ratio should the contents of the two glasses be mixed together so that the new mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 1:1?
a) 20:7
b) 8:3
c) 27:4
d) 25:9
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The sum of the squares of two natural consecutive odd numbers is 394. The sum of the numbers is
a) 24
b) 32
c) 40
d) 28
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A bag contains 4 white, 5 red and 6 blue balls. Three balls are drawn at random from the bag. The probability that all of them are red, is:
a) (1/22)
b) (3/22)
c) (2/91)
d) (2/77)
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Madhu is older than Suman, Meena is younger than Sobha. Rita is older than Madhu but not as old as Meena. Who is the youngest?
a) Sobha
b) Suman
c) Rita
d) Meena
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Arrange the following words in a logical and meaningful order 1.Poverty 2. Population 3. Death 4. Unemploymemnt 5. disease
a) 3, 4, 2, 5, 1
b) 2, 4, 1, 5, 3
c) 2, 3, 4, 5, 1
d) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Two persons A and B get the same salary. Their basic pays are different. Their allowances are 65% and 80% of their basic pays respectively. What is the ratio of their basic pays ?
a) 7:05
b) 17:15
c) 11:10
d) 12:11
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Bharathi is 8 ranks ahead of Divya who ranks twenty sixth in a class of 42. What is Bharati's ranks from the last?
a) 9th
b) 24th
c) 25th
d) 34th
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A can do piece of work in 30 days while B alone can do it in 40 days. In how many days can A and B working together do it?
a) 17 1/7 days
b) 15 2/3 days
c) 15 2/7 days
d) 17 2/7 days
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How many letters are there in the word ‘MARTINA’ which remain same in its position, if they are arranged in alphabetical order
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
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The average monthly salary of 660 workers in a factory is ₹ 380. The average monthly salary of officers is ₹ 2100 and the average monthly salary of the other workers is ₹ 340. Find the number of other workers.
a) 645
b) 650
c) 640
d) 642
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55% of a number is more than one-third of that number by 52. What is two-fifth of that number?
a) 96
b) 240
c) 144
d) cannot be determined
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Find the odd number out
a) 7359
b) 1593
c) 9175
d) 3781
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